Online shopping car remote save thousands of dollars over his wallet and don’t forget the three

Online shopping car remote save thousands of dollars over his wallet? Don’t forget the "three pack" — car — original title: online shopping car remote save thousands of dollars over his wallet? Don’t forget the "three" car the rise of electricity providers, online sale of vehicles is not new. Whether it is new or second-hand car, consumers can enjoy the little mouse can purchase orders. This reporter interviewed noted that the online car buying mode so that the car before the geographical restrictions were broken, consumers can not only the national parity, but also to buy a car in different places, to achieve real benefits. However, the recent consumer complaints to our reporter: Although a different car to buy a good deal, but the three package service did not keep up. Then, multi regional car, how to use, and what advantages and disadvantages? The successful case of foreign car back on spike saved 6000 yuan in May this year, Mr. Kong in the online business platform notice has a Korean brand new car in Xiamen local dealers to sell 8000 yuan cheaper than Guangzhou, the site of the deposit, followed by the end of May in Fujian on business opportunities, designated dealers in Xiamen payment the car, and then hang the provisional license, drove back to Guangzhou on their own. Mr. Kong calculations: if Guangzhou is to buy a one-way ticket to Xiamen, according to the usual ticket discount of not more than 500 yuan, and then drive back to Guangzhou, takes about 8 hours, tolls and oil added up to about 900 yuan, the total expenditure of less than 1500 yuan, to offset the difference after two concessions, he also "earn more than 6000 yuan. Coincidentally, Mr. Liu in late July of this year in a second-hand car business platform query, found that the Wuhan local one with more than 3 years of corolla second-hand car sold only 70 thousand yuan, is very cost-effective. Through the electronic business platform to communicate with the owners cut to 66 thousand yuan. He then from Guangzhou high-speed rail to Wuhan, to sign the purchase agreement after the actual condition, and through electronic business platform to assist the vehicle to mention successfully completed formalities. Then, Mr. Liu will drive back to Guangzhou transfer. Mr. Liu is very satisfied with the transaction, he said: "the national price, can be washed to a very cost-effective second-hand car." The automobile consumption situation of the electricity supplier to break regional restrictions unspoken rule auto supplier of promotional hot, the birth of new cars and used cars to achieve remote sale online purchase, many consumers are aware that: the sale of new cars, used cars in the country, a vehicle to buy the most preferential price. Chinese Automobile Association expert Li Yanwei said, in March this year, the national development and reform issued "on the automotive industry antitrust guidelines" (Draft), has been on the vehicle factory for the implementation of regional monopoly behavior and customer restrictions caused by making it clear that it is an offence. Although the vehicle factory also through other means such as "local brand index", the relative variable area dealers sales restrictions, but he said, "if the user orders Car Buying in the website, for the 4S shop is passive sales, can not refuse, break the cross regional sales restrictions, consumers can buy cheap car through the car business website." Market research firm to buy a car or bundled services in the industry said that since the implementation of the anti-monopoly law, consumption)相关的主题文章:

Peng Shuai won a wta10 month best breakthrough award recognized sports Sohu – difficult comeback-nibbuns

Peng Shuai won best breakthrough award WTA10 comeback recognized Sohu hard sports newspaper news (reporter Zhu Peng) from the waist surgery to re approach the downturn, now ranked the world top 100, female tennis star Peng Shuai Chinese comeback go hard but firmly. The firm has also been recognized by the women’s professional tour WTA. She won the WTA10 70% Month award for best breakthrough. In 2014, Peng Shuai reached the semi-finals at the US Open, a personal best record in Grand slam. But in 2015, under the influence of his back, Peng Shuai missed most of the 2015 season. After receiving the surgery, Peng Shuai’s choice is whether to continue to adhere to the tennis career. "For me, two years ago, I was at the peak. I could choose to keep playing, or not. In fact, my friends and family did not agree with me, because the risk is too great, and I am now almost 30 years old." Peng Shuai in an interview when participating in said. The former number one singles Chinese chose surgery, after surgery and decided to return. After the injury she has been trying to regain his best tennis state. "No one can guarantee that I’ll be back on the court after the surgery, and even if I come back in case I get hurt again? I would like to thank you for your support and care for me, because I was a bit stubborn to do surgery. My family and friends were very supportive of me during my surgery, and it was a great challenge for me." The long recovery period let Peng Shuai’s physical condition and ranking fell. In 2016, she had a hard time recovering. But in the Chinese season, Peng Shuai slowly began to shine. She is in the net to beat former world first big Williams, followed in the subsequent Tianjin open, harvested the WTA virgin crown. World rankings from the lowest point of the 768th to now is about to break the world’s top 100.相关的主题文章:

Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs launched during the national day five categories of ne-shuyue

Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs during the launch of the five major categories of nearly one hundred cultural activities during the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs launched during the national day of the top five categories of cultural activities

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to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the founding of new Chinese, enrich the cultural life of the people during the national day, the Municipal Bureau of SMG carefully organized and planned launch of five categories of nearly 100 prominent theme, rich content and various forms of cultural activities, watching performances, exhibitions, tours, large view products unique, let people in the wonderful cultural activities and spend a meaningful cultural golden week.

art stage multi presentation

during the national day, professional stage will highlight the creation of diversification, diversification and performance, a row of performances of various high-quality, popular boutique repertoire: Shenyang performing arts group will be held in the city of Peking Opera, Cultural Palace drama, folk song and dance concert and other public performances, the the Imperial Palace in Shenyang, Zhang Shuai Fu acclaimed performances the "return" and "married harjol Huangtaiji legend Dashuai Shuaifu student" real performances; the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe in the circus theatre productions, funded by the national endowment for the Arts – large acrobatic play "panda Dream Tour"; Shengjing theatre will launch folk music concerts, drama "that night, on the road and cross said" "dream night – world famous stage magician performances" and other high-end performance. In addition, Shenyang performing arts group launched a new seventh edition of large metropolitan vaudeville Mukden Moulin Rouge, bringing entertainment experience for the general public to find everything fresh and new and foreign tourists.

The activities of

group down to earth popularity

during the national day, the city’s cultural departments at all levels will be down to earth, create popular mass culture products. Folk music concerts, performances, cultural exchanges between China and South Korea outstanding community cultural festival show performances, the 67 anniversary of the founding of the municipal symphonic concerts and other large mass cultural activities, so that the grass-roots culture more "color"; the Korean culture and art museum will organize theatrical performances team into the community, square and other basic units of art Huimin performances; municipal library, juvenile the children’s library will hold "the motherland long live" painting and calligraphy exhibition, "spirit, birthday celebration" exhibition, movies, children’s education, "Saturday theater performances and other rich and colorful activities, enrich the cultural life of the people, with the people through peaceful and happy National day.

Fair Exhibition boutique

during the national day, carry out millions of people into the museum, "Museum Jinqiu Huimin" series of activities in the city museum system, introduced a number of distinctive theme features of the exhibition, and leading to the general public, students and visitors into the museum, the Museum of art, public institutions and other historical and cultural art exhibition hall, Shenyang experience the profound historical accumulation and the rich cultural connotation and strong.


Man took the opportunity to borrow a friend’s phone to turn 55 thousand yuan-clazziquai

By the man with the opportunity to turn away 55 thousand yuan JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) mobile phone friends have three Palace Liu Chao, released on borrowing a friend’s mobile phone, and took the opportunity to turn away 55 thousand yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Liu Chao was sentenced to 5 years in prison for making credit card fraud. Liu Chao has multiple convictions. In 2005, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crime of intentional injury in Changping, suspended for 4 years. 2014, he was due to drug abuse Daxing Public Security Bureau administrative detention for 10 days. Last August, he was convicted of the crime of obstruction of evidence is Daxing court sentenced to detention for 4 months. According to the Daxing procuratorate allegations, May 20, 2015 6 am, Liu Chao said his cell phone is dead, you need to borrow a cell phone call, borrowed mr.. Then he from Mr. King binding mobile phone card, two pen $55 thousand to turn out their credit card account. November 9, 2015, Liu Chao was arrested by the police, and later the father of 55 thousand yuan will be returned to Mr. Liu Chao. When the case hearing, Liu Chao admitted that his transfer, but he argued that Mr. King’s card is an ordinary bank card, not a credit card, so his behavior should constitute theft, rather than credit card fraud. Daxing court held that Liu Chao King illegally obtained information, fraudulent use of the name of Mr. king, and through the use of the Internet, communication terminal, the use of bank cards, in accordance with the relevant provisions issued by commercial banks or other financial institutions with consumer credit, payment, transfer and cash settlement as part of the function of the electronic payment card, which belongs to the criminal law "credit card".相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen 6 square meters pigeon house price of 880 thousand! 9 sets of houses sold out the day-sql server 2000 个人版

Shenzhen 6 square meters pigeon house price of 880 thousand! 9 sets of houses sold out the day from some local divorce housing chaos, into the listed company to sell the school district housing security shell…… The real estate market seems to have entered a frenzy again. Today, one from the Shenzhen real estate news shocking people’s attention, even Shenzhen developers launched just 6 square meters of apartment layout, the price is a price of 880 thousand. "Unprecedented in china! Shenzhen print! 6 square meters hardcover small apartment layout here!" This is the Shenzhen version of the dove cage Huxing project today made public advertising. This magical project, located in Shenzhen Nanshan District overseas Chinese town Shahe road and new road interchange, the development of the geographical location is good, from the Metro Line 1 Baishizhou station not far from the surrounding real estate is a luxury. 6 square meters of the house long? 6 square meters, pigeon house long look like this. In fact, at the end of 7, when the project is 6 square meters of the house immediately after the exposure of the real estate sector in Shenzhen, the network red, people feel big Shenzhen also have a dove cage! Daily economic news reporter went to the scene investigation, the project side said that the house is ready to internal digestion, not open sales. However, the house has to be publicly listed. Today (24 May), the daily economic news reporter to the identity of the buyers once again came to the project sales offices. In the sales offices, sales of the entire project demonstrated the real estate certificate area statistics. According to the above information registration, the real estate from the 6 floor to the second floor, almost every floor has an area of about 6.61 square meters of the smallest size, a total of 9 sets, ranging from an area of 5.73 square meters to 7.48 square meters. Subsequently, the sales staff led the reporter came to visit the model, a small room packed with showings, there are buyers who said they do not necessarily buy, is to look at the 6 square meters long house like. From the point of view, the entire district a total of 169 sets of hardcover apartment. Cause the city to pay attention to the 6 square meters of small size distribution in the floor of the head position, all toward the southeast direction, each unit has a window of two to three. These 9 sets of small Huxing are flat, not the legendary penthouse. Reporters observed at the scene, about 6 square meters of the house is small, but can meet the basic living needs. In order to expand the space, the design of the model between the collection of furniture and folding bed. Folding bed can be controlled by remote control, the opening process takes about a minute. In addition, the developers gave some area, the actual use of an area of about 12 square meters. Functional space available, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other readily available, but the apartment is not founder, living together may not be too comfortable. Sales staff said, 6 square meters apartment layout only launched 4 sets (the rest of the morning, internal digestion) have been panic buying 3 sets, now only 1 sets. "You have to hurry up, you can’t grab it late!" The staff repeatedly urged, as for the price, a price of 880 thousand, "this is a special offer housing, rent out after the buy, rent per month just about 4000." Sales staff then reminded that, although it is a small size, but residential property rights, only 300 thousand of loans, down payment at around 500 thousand. According to the official version of the August 2012 entry into force of the "residential design code" provides: by the living room,.相关的主题文章: