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After "00" in "three fewer students" sleep less exercise less reading less "every day to begin to roar over, gentle, don’t talk about work even with his arms, loving mother and dutiful son, do homework, general turmoil." First grade students, Ms. Lin exclaimed. Another parent, Mr. Huang said, saw her daughter’s homework in the evening when she was tired of sleeping on the chair, both distressed and helpless, but second days early in the morning to call her to catch up with the work…… Today, the 00 after they have begun to seek a career, the age span of primary, secondary and high school. Recently, the China Youth Research Center also released the "00 after" development research. Survey shows that over 70% of the "00" after the work of their extracurricular class time is 90 times, more than half of the "00" lack of sleep after the "two". Data show that after 00 rich three students: less sleep, less exercise, less reading. [case] first grade homework every night to do more than 9 points and even the weekend can not take a good rest one day at 6:40 in the morning, Ms. Lin as usual wake up sleeping son. The sleepy small air suddenly said: "Mom Mom haven’t hug, hug me." When she was holding him, she said, "Mom, I love you, we will never part." That moment, Ms. Lin felt deeply touched the heart. Ms. Lin said that this year, the first year of this year. Recently, because of homework problems, she often can not control his temper, angry at his son. In pinyin stage, children in school every day after the completion of Pinyin, the teacher will arrange some written assignments, let us go home copying. Children write slowly, write a page to more than 1 hours. In addition to written assignments, but also read several times. This down, almost every day to spend more than 3 hours to complete the work." Lin said the woman, the small boat is usually finished dinner began to do homework, has been done at 9 o’clock in the evening. "One weekend, more homework. Children don’t have much time to play." Ms. Lin said, because for fear of missing which did not do homework, every Sunday night before going to bed, she will open the QQ, the teacher assignments a control end to be at ease. Sometimes at night are suddenly reminded of a piece of paper and no signature, they jumped out of bed. After lunch dinner immediately do homework every day after dinner walk also canceled the same time in the first grade of primary school daughter, every day after going home to do 3 hours of homework. One day, after her daughter had finished lunch more than an hour of work, the evening also from 7 to do more than 9 points. The thought that the child can go to bed, the results of his wife’s overtime to go home, said: "the teacher later arranged a job in the group." Mr. Chen is very helpless, so the child should rest late, but can not encourage children to do homework, can not blame the teacher when the child’s face. Chen said that since her daughter in elementary school, after lunch, dinner is immediately do homework. Every day except half an hour practicing, half an hour reading is still difficult to maintain, take a walk after dinner was cancelled after he finished his homework immediately to sleep. Two days over the weekend "lianzhouzhuan" homework is sound "at top speed" Siming District, a primary school in the sixth grade students. Every day;相关的主题文章:

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