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11 children’s behavior is a psychological problem, do not know later! Sohu – maternal parents often reflect the child difficult to teach, such as some children impulsive love hit, some children timid do not love school, some children very love sucking fingers…… Children appear in these circumstances is the innate character, or the day after tomorrow due to improper education? How should parents intervene to correct bad behavior? The director of the Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center psychiatric physician Cha Caihui reminds, some bad behavior in children usually belong to psychological problems, parents should address the child’s psychological problems, and through scientific means to help children to correct bad behavior. 1, the big baby sucking fingers still love: some of the larger babies often suck fingers or toes, with the thumb sucking to see, even cause the thumb deformation, some children do not suck fingers can’t sleep sleep. The main reason: 1 years old baby sucking fingers is normal, this is because the baby to know the world through the mouth, hands and brains are not fully developed for the baby, only one external things, and not an organ of his body, the so-called self differentiation. With the improvement of brain development, most of the baby sucking finger behavior will gradually change, but still have large baby sucking behavior belongs to psychological problems, such as once affected by psychological trauma, sucking fingers can play a soothing effect. Check the color Hui cited a case: a mother for 6 months baby weaning, cruel to keep their children at home, the children cried a few days later, the child sucking behavior serious. Intervention skills: disperse the attention of the baby parents should communicate with their children, to find the psychological problems of children, you can also take the method of distraction, accompany children play, with fun toys to amuse the children happy, or let the children to do things, increase the activity, gradually correct the habit of eating finger. 2, like biting nails, tearing the skin of the hand: some children like biting nails, so that the nail bed or nail biting out of the blood, but also know that bite nails or not control. Some children also like to tear the skin, the skin will be a little bit to see a tear. The main reason: children love bite, may be the lack of trace elements such as physical reasons, but more is psychological reasons, including parents care enough, family disharmony caused by child depression, emotional stress, parents’ expectations too high or learning pressure etc.. The intervention skills: to find the psychological reasons of anxiety, attention to nail biting children, parents usually should be given more care, you can play with the kids or go out, to reduce child anxiety, correct nail biting is good. In addition to pay attention to the positive guide children to correct the behavior of biting nails, for example, you can conclude a parent-child contract, not to blame the child’s bad behavior, otherwise it may exacerbate psychological problems. In addition to psychological treatment, the children love to tear the skin of the hand, parents can let the children eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, reduce the skin from the skin phenomenon, help to reduce the chance of tearing the skin. 3, easy.相关的主题文章:

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