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2016 China bulk coal clean and efficient use and management conference held in Beijing – energy – people.com.cn people.com.cn September 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Jing) in August 31st, 2016 Chinese bulk coal clean and efficient use and management conference held in Beijing. Haze governance has become a hot issue in recent years, the study shows that scattered coal is one of the main sources of atmospheric PM2.5 and sulfur dioxide. Due to the direct combustion of coal straight row, a large amount of wide, clean and efficient use of scattered coal is particularly important. Under this background, commissioned by the association of circular economy Chinese by WWF, the energy foundation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, led by the 2016 Chinese bulk coal clean and efficient use and harness assembly, and strive to promote the efficient use of coal powder and governance, improve environmental quality, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization should play a positive role. The Ministry of information industry and energy secretary Gao Yunhu mentioned in his speech, there are some problems of China’s current industrial field of efficient use of clean coal: coal clean and efficient use of the overall level is low, difficult to promote advanced technology and equipment. Such as industrial boilers, kilns, coal assembly technology level is low, independent innovation ability is not strong. The key technology, the key components of the weak foundation, poor system matching. At the same time, the low barriers to entry of industrial kiln and kiln industry, serious excess industry, the promotion of efficient industrial boilers and kilns. The two coal utilization is unreasonable, and the industrial structure needs to be optimized. At present, the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of coal is relatively low, some products have excess capacity, the market supply is surplus, and the added value of products needs to be improved. In addition, the coal chemical industry is relatively independent, and the coupling is not enough, so the overall level of coal utilization needs to be improved. Gao Yunhu said the next step, the Ministry will further implement the 2025 Chinese manufacturing, industrial implementation of green manufacturing implementation project guide, promote green industrial development, promote the efficient and clean use of coal industry work. One is the further implementation of clean and efficient use of coal industry action plan focused on Beijing Tianjin and surrounding areas to carry out clean and efficient use of coal pilot experience, for the promotion of the country; the two is to further play the leading standards and forced role, strengthen energy conservation supervision, and develop fast coking Industrial furnace, coal chemical industry industrial boiler so, technical standards and norms of the clean and efficient use of coal. Develop and improve the energy consumption standards for related products, continue to release energy equipment recommended directory and high energy equipment out of the directory. At the same time the organization of energy conservation supervision institutions, on the basis of energy consumption limits and high energy consumption and backward equipment out of the directory, carry out the major national energy conservation supervision special action, strengthen supervision and supervision to promote the use of energy-saving, energy-efficient boiler, to create a good market environment. Three is to promote the development of efficient boiler industry, to create a number of advanced manufacturing base and system of efficient boiler center, to further enhance the efficiency of the boiler manufacturing capacity and the level of industrialization. Wang Shancheng, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, central information secretary said, research shows that coal combustion especially coal burning, is one of the main factors causing serious air pollution, clean and efficient utilization of coal powder and effective governance is very urgent and arduous task. The next national development and Reform Commission in conjunction with relevant departments to further相关的主题文章:

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