2016 education silk line of public service activities in Xinjiang – Beijing Shouguan-pigeon blood

2016 "education silk line of public service activities in Xinjiang – ending Beijing Beijing Fukang on 26 September, (reporter Qi Yaping) in September 26th," the dream of the caravan, Suning, arrived in 2016 "quality education for the Silk Road" campaign last station — Xinjiang Fukang City, the fifth, to bring a new the experience of literacy education for local teachers and students of all nationalities. It is reported that the "dream caravan, Su Ning" project is Shanghai cherished dream foundation and Suning group jointly launched in 2015 for public projects, to caravans traveling to remote and rural areas covering, remote areas and help children learn valuable lessons, let more people love to participate in the donation, "to promote the equalization of quality education of career. Shanghai cherished dream foundation for Fukang City, fifth primary school flag. Photo by Qi Yaping this year, "dream Caravan" project launched in six northwestern provinces along the Silk Road, this year’s activities in response to the national "The Belt and Road" vision, "3D print" concept of quality, innovative curriculum transfer to the west along the Silk Road of the teachers and students, in order to use public power to help Western literacy the development of education, let the children see the future. On the same day, from Fukang fourth primary school grade eight Class Four Minority Students and the whole class AIKE remu? Aihedanmu invited to fifth primary school experience in Fukang City "3D print" course. He said: "this is the first time I have such a class, too fresh, it can improve my ability and imagination, I hope that in the future can be more such a class." Fukang City, fifth primary school teachers and students in class "dream caravan". Photo by Qi Yaping in April 17th this year, "the dream of the caravan, Suning, departure from Xi’an, via Shaanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang Province, 18 stations along the route 6, which lasted more than and 160 days, traveling over 12000 kilometers. There have been 7100 students in a caravan to experience the dream course, teachers and students to visit the caravan number of more than 25000 people, the number of 85 volunteers. The caravan in the total quality, innovation of the course of more than and 30 days, to complete the dream course section 125, "3D print" course section 55, section 30 volunteers photography course, along the way to the children brought infinite joy. "Dream Caravan – Suning" by a large box trailer modified, is a bearer of literacy education mobile multimedia classroom. It is 17 meters long, 4 meters high and weighs 27 tons, is a set of bookshelves, desks, tablet computer, projector and other teaching tools in one, with multimedia video teaching, small library, reading room, mobile mobile cinemas and other functions in one of the "mobile dream classroom", sent to special courses for the different regions of the small friends, in order to achieve the full range of education, to take diversified growth opportunities for more children. Fukang City, fourth primary school grade eight class four minority students invited to experience 3D printing class. Qi Yaping photo Shanghai True Love Charity Foundation was founded in August 2008, the mission is to let the child self-confidence, calm, dignified growth. Over the years, its insistence on the continuous improvement of the "dream"相关的主题文章:

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