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2016 new FAW TOYOTA RAV4 glory? And International Half Marathon start – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, recently, organized by the Chinese Athletic Association, Jilin Province Sports Bureau, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture People’s government, Jilin Province Sports Bureau track bike management center, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Sports Bureau, and the Municipal People’s Government hosted the 2016 FAW TOYOTA new RAV4 Fangdang Yong Rong International Half Marathon, and people in the sports center opening shots. FAW TOYOTA Motor Sales Co., Ltd. deputy general Hirano ya (Center) is shot as guests of FAW TOYOTA Motor Sales Co., Ltd. deputy general Hirano Ya represents the FAW TOYOTA hair gun as guests, and participated in the competition, the event is organized by the FAW TOYOTA RAV4 new wing on exclusive title sponsor. The FAW TOYOTA and half horse and fit cooperation, mainly from the spirit of the brand philosophy and the spirit of the event. The new listing of FAW TOYOTA new RAV4 Rong uphold the spirit of freedom and self-confidence, the spirit of the pursuit of a youthful attitude, in the pursuit of self-confidence in the pursuit of freedom. The participants fully equipped for confident love the marathon, mostly for young people, and the new RAV4 Wing put target group also happen to hit the young consumer groups, represents a new force, the young and active life attitude, self-confidence glory, create a new brand image, and the fusion of the tournament concept. The new RAV4 as the only car game glory put the FAW TOYOTA in recent years has been committed to the sales outlets to sink to the county-level city and dropping the local market, the FAW TOYOTA and RAV4 was put into the new wing and the dragon, the consumer brand awareness plays a positive role in channel construction and establishment. The sponsor and the half marathon race, is not accidental, in recent years, the FAW TOYOTA sports marketing, entertainment marketing and experiential marketing combination strategy, ability implementation of young. Take the new RAV4 on the wing, just in the end of the Rio Olympics and CCTV jointly sponsored the "Olympic" in the depth of the Rio column, has significantly improved the brand and influence of products; FAW TOYOTA has sponsored and organized activities such as traditional events, sponsored by the Alashan, will hold the "challenges the hero pole", "100 city glory owners relay" and other activities, and by means of a variety of channels, to create marketing circle closer to the consumer and off-road circle, let more consumers understand and experience the product and marketing of FAW TOYOTA.相关的主题文章:

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