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3 men stealing crazy pig for gambling police successfully recovered 132 pigs suspect Liu injured people to reclaim stolen pig China Jilin network reporter Cao Yiqun correspondent Zhuang Lingling Li Jingyan in August 23rd, China Jilin network reporter learned from Gongzhuling City Public Security Bureau, Yu Tian after 100 continuous hard work, careful investigation, in a number of towns in Gongzhuling city to steal in case success, the suspect wie, Liu, Zhang arrested, at the same time to work, the public security organs for the villagers to recover stolen 132 pigs, all returned to the victims of the masses. The frequent cases of pig farmers on tenterhooks several inspections suspect hidden this May 4th morning, Gongzhuling Chaoyang Pozhen villagers Wang Xiaoxia (a pseudonym) as usual, open the door to their feeding piglets fed. Go to the sty, but Wang Xiaoxia be startled at: just bought 14 piglets soon gone! Wang Xiaoxia dropped the pig bucket, rubbing his eyes, and shouted: "pig ah…… Oh, my pig, stolen! "She ran home in a few moments and immediately called the police. This is the 10 day in the city of Gongzhuling occurred within the jurisdiction of the case of the theft of third pigs. After receiving the alarm, Gongzhuling City Public Security Bureau deployed more than capable police rushed to the scene to carry out detective case. The ad hoc group of factors of comprehensive analysis of the above several cases at the time of crime, means, combined with the results of the site investigation, the panel found that 3 cases have in common: the case against the main target are the piglets and sows, the incidence mainly concentrated in the range of 50 km radius, transport vehicle is small. Group access to surveillance video incidence sections only, but did not find any valuable clues. Through the depth of study, the task force will expand the search to 70 kilometers. Police involved in the work in accordance with the work of the deployment, while strengthening the main road inspections, focusing on reminding nearby pig farmers to improve vigilance, a comprehensive preventive work. When the police task force and carry out case investigation, May 12th, May 14th, May 18th and May 19th, 5 households in 5 villages Huaide town has more than 40 stolen zhuzai. The cunning suspect modus operandi is very sophisticated, avoid the main streets and video surveillance area, unnoticed the pig stole. After careful work, the panel found traces of a small motor vehicle wheel Zhao Xiaoling 200 meters away from the pen in the field, and found a suspected criminal suspects leave cigarette in the distance. From June 29th to July 1st, Huaide Town, Yangdachengzi and there were 5 consecutive stolen stolen pig pig started, up to more than 80. The theft of the high frequency of loss of pig, pig number, in the vast rural villages of Gongzhuling City, causing many villagers panic. The ad hoc group held a number of scheduling analysis will continue to increase, from police, continue to increase the intensity of the investigation, attention related clues, especially the surveillance video data around the case of several recent incidents of stolen pig retrieval, carry out in-depth analysis, to find the path of crime, trying to find the stolen goods channels. Strong detection task force locked the suspect to recoup their losses 132 stolen pigs "home"相关的主题文章:

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