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4 strokes winter easy pregnancy, infertility is difficult! A lot of people do not know the mother of the Sohu, in fact, the sperm is below the temperature of 2-3 degrees is the best and most vigorous development. Therefore, the winter pregnancy, pregnant women pregnant with the probability of pregnancy is very large. In addition, there are experts out that women in the winter when fertility is the strongest, especially in December and January is pregnant, twins and triplets probability is the highest. So, we do not say that this is true, but the facts prove that it is good to prepare for the winter. But how to prepare pregnant? First, there must be a good air environment. Because of the cold weather, people try to reduce outdoor activities as much as possible, most of the time in a room with a heater or stove. If the door shut, not timely ventilation, coupled with carbon monoxide gas on the house sporadic, will cause indoor air pollution, which will not only prepare pregnant mothers feel discomfort, and egg growth also have adverse effects. Not to mention sperm. Secondly, good tone to a healthy body. From the diet adjustment is necessary, prepare pregnant women’s food Nuangong angelica, gelatin, longan, Sang Shengan, Chinese wolfberry, red bean, jujube, black beans, motherwort, long eat it will be able to play the effect of warm house. If pregnant mother every day to drink a cup of brown sugar ginger tea, can take the initiative to resolve the cold food or cold food in the cold, simple diet for your uterus is good. And have a happy and relaxed mood. To maintain a happy mood, do not give yourself too much pressure, relaxed mood for sexual life will be harmonious and happy. Mental stress can cause tubal spasm, affecting the smooth passage of sperm. Therefore, we should eliminate the fear and aversion to sex life. Finally, the pre inspection is very important. Before the main check is: the reproductive system, to determine whether there is a gynecological disease, if there is, you need to cure pregnant again; gynecological endocrine examination, mainly for menstruation ovarian diseases; liver function tests, this is to prevent the virus to the child; ABO hemolysis test, prevention of hemolytic disease of infants.相关的主题文章:

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