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4 year old girl to lose her temper to commit suicide: parents may be affected by television – Sohu news, mom, you do not love me, you do not love me, I want to commit suicide." Then, the 4 year old Tian Tian (a pseudonym) picked up their own small scissors to belly. When the people of Xi’an Hong heard his wife about the child’s move, shocked. The parents: affected by television the most likely hung couple 80, 4 year old daughter, shift in kindergarten. "Two days before his wife took the children wash, she is not willing to, crying, and then he went to the living room, picked up a small hand scissors facing his stomach, cried mother you don’t love me, you do not love me, I want to Dutch act." Yesterday, Mr. Hong nervously described the scene at that time, her mother suddenly shocked, first to persuade down, feel the child showed unexpected behavior, obviously not consistent with age, so consult me to do." "I thought about it a few days ago, the child also in front of my face had a similar performance, I did not care as a joke, it is too careless to think about." Mr. Hong said, at that time is the evening, his daughter and his temper, dad you do not love me, then you put me down from the upstairs…… I smiled and said it was cold outside, a person will be afraid to wait outside, but in retrospect the child’s performance is coherent." After much deliberation, Mr. Hong think TV episode left a bad impression to the children, "the home of the elderly love to see dialect drama, children also followed to see, likelihood of these episodes for children’s development brings the greatest impact. In particular, some TV shows are full of violence and murder……" Mr. Hong said, his wife is a kindergarten teacher, "grow up from the pregnant wife to the children, we are a happy family, not what is unpleasant or unexpected conflict, the psychological effect for children." Other parents: she is looking for parents to pay more attention to change the situation for the children of Hong Kong, China Daily reporter interviewed two children after 80 mother ms.. Ms. White said, according to her parenting experience, she thinks it is for parents to pay more attention to the performance in the field. There really is inconsistent with age and, surprisingly, "I understand the family especially the parents of the children too little attention, and the lack of interaction with children, the lack of positive guidance of the child’s life, I personally think that TV content need to rely on adults to help children choose and judge, and not simply go wrong in the TV series." Ms. White said, there will be a child in the sensitive period of language, "said some words may imitate or even a curse for adult attention or forced adults agree, this is because the way they can use too little. And if the parents at this time if the child’s wish, to strengthen the child’s perception, this time the child will be repeated use of this way." Ms. white believes that if this time adults can resolve the child’s performance and pay attention to observe and correct, perhaps the child will not appear in this case. Kindergarten: This is children want to cry for communication"相关的主题文章:

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