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4 year old man abducted with her daughter from school road at the reunion of the grandson was 4 years old (Figure) – Beijing young Liu Ling. In September 12th, the largest Meishan Dongpo restaurant in a village Guangji, simple and warm lively banquet luncheon. During the meeting, working for many years in Shenzhen, Wu Qingguo with a son of Sichuan Mandarin, introduce relatives and friends dinner for a woman. Wu Qingguo was called "Wu Jian" by his daughter. 26 years ago, on the 4 and a half year old Wu Jian home from kindergarten, a strange man riding a bicycle. Since then, Wu Qingguo’s family set foot on the road to find a woman. In July this year, Wu Qingguo’s niece and Wu Jian through the website keywords and comparing DNA information, both sides confirmed the relationship. The early morning of September 11th, has been renamed Liu Ling (a pseudonym) Wu Jian with her husband and children, more than 26 years back to hometown. In order to celebrate her daughter home, happy Wu Qingguo an advance in Guangji reservation 20 banquet tables, welcome daughter party. School daughter was abducted 54 year old Wu Qingguo, Meishan Dongpo Guangji village. In 1984 he married his wife Gao Chunli, a year after the birth of her daughter Wu jian. The Wu Qingguo family is rich, the family has only one daughter, the couple take good care of nature. "We took her everywhere, and we bought her new clothes from time to time." Wu Qingguo said. In his impression, lovely daughter, sensible, not being, all the neighbors love to tease her. In 1990, 4 and a half year old Wu Jian started kindergarten, because the school’s distance is only about one kilometer, there are children around the company, Wu Qingguo and his wife not to pick up the child. March 6, 1990 that day at noon, waiting for Wu Jian to come back to dinner, the couple until half past one, also did not see her daughter home. School 12 school, the children go too slow, should also come back a little." Wu Qingguo said, and so anxious couple two people will go out looking for a few laps around the children did not see the shadow. Later, the village was told Wu Qingguo, when Wu Jian came home with a man riding a bicycle to the children away. Because Wu Jian did not cry, witnesses thought it was Wu Qingguo’s relatives and friends, did not care. My daughter was gone, the Wu Qingguo family worried. At the same time he asked the police to help relatives and friends, while expanding the scope of the search. Meishan, Leshan, Chengdu…… Wu Qingguo and Meishan will run around the city, but still nothing. As for her daughter Wu Qingguo in Shandong had long after missing children, the bus station and the train station as a key area for children, his friends and relatives squatting in Chengdu north station, always pay attention to the people with children, before and after the squat for nearly a month’s time. Basically all night watch, see a child to recognize." Looking for months without harvest, Wu Qingguo almost desperate. At this time, he saw a child abducted the information from the newspaper, the newspaper published photos like his daughter. Wu Qingguo immediately pack up, the car came to the information written near Shandong, Taierzhuang. According to the address, Wu Qingguo find abducted children’s school and相关的主题文章:

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