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South Korea on North Korea "plan 3K" exposure to direct retaliation towards leaders – Sohu Military Channel 19, the White House said in a statement, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the United States President Vladimir Obama and China Prime Minister Li Keqiang held bilateral talks, the two sides decided to strengthen coordination in the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula on the issue. Reuters quoted unnamed UN diplomats as saying that China has started nuclear test on the UN may against North Korea earlier this month to discuss the introduction of sanctions, but Beijing has yet to indicate whether to support tougher sanctions against Pyongyang. In addition to seek tougher sanctions, South Korea also continue toward violent demonstrations. According to "Korea Daily" reported that the United States plans 21 days sent two B-52 strategic bomber flew over South Korea again, to put pressure on North korea. This is the 13 month of this month, two B-1 strategic bombers to Korea only in the past 8 days. Reported that South Korea and the United States under the plan at the beginning of the month to move US strategic bombers to Korean protesters. Yonhap reported that South Korea and the United States before the date agreed in advance to North Korea with nuclear weapons, the two countries enabled the precision guided weapon pre emptive strike North Korea nuclear combat plan, and in actual combat to curb North Korea’s nuclear power is divided into three stages. South Korea, "Central Daily" will be called "3K plan". The article said, 3K plan is in the existing Chain (Kill) and the Korean missile defense system (KAMD) coupled with the massive punitive retaliation (KMPR) program. Plan order is as follows: in the first stage, if North Korea showed signs of provocation, with "not yet launched C4KISR" destroys the ballistic missile; the second stage, if North Korea launched unannihilation ballistic missiles, will use KAMD to intercept; then in the third stage KMPR large scale to punish North Korean provocation leadership. "If North Korea launches intercontinental missiles or other provocative actions, and intensifies tensions on the peninsula, we should resolutely oppose. But South Korea’s frequent spread of threatening tone of speech, to ease the situation on the peninsula equally useless". Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences researcher Lv Chao on the Global Times reporter, said the two sides stimulate each other, only a vicious cycle.相关的主题文章:

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