Sophomore girls to practice English make friends met in January flash from the flash marriage 捷安特xtc750

Sophomore girls to practice English make friends met in January flash from the flash marriage newspaper news (reporter Shi Yaoke) in order to improve the English level of sophomore, met a self proclaimed English teacher training institutions through a dating site, with half a month, two people will receive a marriage certificate, after half a month to two people to court for divorce. Finally, the Hongkou court sentenced two people to divorce. Xiao Yun Shanghai is a well-known college sophomore students in reading, although learning science and engineering, but good academic to apply 3 Xiao Yun intermediate interpretation. At the beginning of last December, Xiao Yun met Kevin users through online dating sites, Kevin claiming to be a English teacher training institutions, is willing to make friends with Xiao Yun, help Xiao Yun practicing oral English together. Xiao Yun overjoyed, agreed on Christmas Eve and Kevin meet at the people’s square. Since then, the two met on the basis of, and conducted an exchange of english. Kevin is fluent, graceful bearing, do not let sheshi Xiaoyun thoroughly put doubts in mind, together with Kevin after dinner, Kevin invited her to his house to play, Xiao Yun gladly go, at the home of Kevin, Xiao Yun and Kevin together and drank a lot of wine, that night, two people will be in a relationship. Second days, Xiao Yun returned to the school. Since then Kevin has called Xiao Yun, persuade Xiao Yun to marry him, but also often to the school to find Xiao yun. Xiao Yun think this affected their learning, teachers and students are not willing to know between himself and Kevin, in order to appease Kevin, let him not find themselves again, and Kevin met in just half a month later, Xiao Yun was telling parents from home secretly take account of this, and Kevin got married. After the two married and did not live together, at Kevin’s request, Xiao Yun took Kevin home to see their parents, parents know this daughter Xiao Yun has been registered to get married, they be startled at Xiao Yun and Kevin insisted, divorce, and even the police asked Kevin to leave his home. Kevin does not agree to divorce, so after just half a month of marriage, the two people on the court. In the trial, the plaintiff and the defendant Xiao Yun claimed that his Kevin met through the network, because do not know enough before marriage, marriage or conflict, the feelings of the couple is not really established, the defendant requested a divorce. The defendant Kevin argued that his department and Xiao Yun at first sight, consensual marriage, there is no force, deception etc.. Now since Xiaoyun’s parents do not agree with this marriage, their feelings and Xiao Yun scumble, willing to accept the judgment of the court. Hongkou court verdict that the plaintiff and the defendant do not know enough before marriage, after marriage failed to properly handle the relationship, now the two sides consensus on divorce, property, housing reached, is not incompatible with the law, shall be permitted by law.相关的主题文章:

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