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To fitness, these 5 things to gain health in good shape – Sohu who do not want to have a slender figure and tight muscles? Who would like to eat a meal to eat the sea also need to fear the waist will be more than a lap of meat? But it’s hard for me to stick to it. Tried for membership fitness center, tried and bestie friends meet every punch mutual supervision movement results, those titles very powerful minutes of aerobics are a collection of a lot, but in the end all is not half a month after the surrender. Why do I always give up? I think it is because in our hearts, fitness feels like work, like the school to work, for this day has been reluctant to bite force themselves after liberation have to face this kind of mood is not natural. The firm will not enough people is even more difficult. If this is your trouble, then from today on, please do not dwell on the traditional way of fitness, use these things instead of it. Although it may not be able to help you create a model class good figure, but it is certain that you will be far more healthy and not easy to take shape. More than 1 walking instead of using a ride compared to most of the traditional fitness programs, walking is a very interesting alternative, both have a certain effect of exercise, the burning of fat and muscle exercise the leg and not out of breath, you can also take the opportunity to learn more about their own lives in the city. If you are not in a hurry and the destination is to walk, wearing a headset to listen to the song go well, a useful slimming cream home? You might as well walk out of the house, because continuous activity can help you to improve your performance. But there is a point to remind everyone, hot weather is best to choose early in the morning, after the evening to walk fitness, in order to prevent heat stroke, and the time is not too long. The other is to remember to touch the legs after walking to help relax. 2 as far as possible to maintain the multi station hyperactivity in resting state, such as long-term sedentary, don’t say you’ll be out of shape, keep a lazy man and even life are really fat buttock, will become shorter, but you know, in fact, long standing on our body is also affected, over time will become very thick legs and prone to vein varicose. So our advice is to try our best to move and work as much as possible to take the stairs instead of the elevator, some try to stand up, and other communication between colleagues and communication through the Internet, as long as it is working in the same layer, not directly around the past to discuss better. For those who have to sit longer, it is also a good way to learn more about seat exercise. 3 every night before bed feet do not think that feet only to relax the role of sleep, in fact every day can also play a role in weight loss. The first time I heard feet lose weight is at the University, classmates a tall but a little sexy girl, she is improved through foot leg line. On foot, we suggest that after the meal, and hungry? Not, the best 1.5 hours before bedtime, after the bath. Rest your body to return to normal levels of sleep. Water temperature is best controlled at about 45e相关的主题文章:

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