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The 7 moment? Win each other skills, you may take fourth – Sohu goodwill is a lucky charm, can let you to marry men of God, goddess, also can let you have the leaders of all ages to win the goodwill of the other party, all obstacles will suddenly disappear, take control of social. 1 understand the power of the fact that, in fact, compared with the desire to listen, more people have the desire to talk. We are stressed, confused, unhappy and upset, and often need to find an outlet for these things. But most people are bustling about, only care about their own interests and their own things, unless you say is useful to him, otherwise it is difficult for him to waste their precious time to listen to you. Therefore, listening has become a magic power. 2 people use language, let the soul closer as we see a new ship, want to introduce to others, when we say how long the ship to the man on the street, it can be said from the building to the building so long. If we tell the people in the village, we should say that the land is so long. In a word, we should speak with the experience that they have mastered, so that we can win the favor of others. 3 play a good card, warm the other side of the heart, moving people, than love". When you know how to use feelings to impress each other, even if your performance is not perfect, even if your mouth is not smart, say some stupid, would still be able to win, because the truth can let each other warm heart, not just your mouth is smiling. Everyone has the heart of the human account, but also human and even become a social game rules. Therefore, in the face of difficulties and setbacks when you have played every piece of friendship cards could become an angel you will be out of the quagmire. 4 from the other topics of interest about everyone has his own interest and proud of things, no matter how this person is open-minded, how don’t care about fame, how cool, once touched his pride, he will be in high spirit, beam with joy. At the right time to say what other people are interested in, others will be you as a confidant. Of course, pay special attention to skills when speaking: admiration, but not exaggerated admiration, otherwise he will think you are the key to grasp the curry favour; things, understand his thoughts ", and then carefully put forward, said the other heart up, he will think you are true friends. When you listen to his words, learn more about what he is interested in, and say a few words of approval, so that even if he is a cold person, will become amiable and easy to approach. 5 pick each other’s at the question first, must ensure that the questions you must be able to show themselves on the other side of learning with this respect, reverence, humility is very important. Secondly, we should make sure that the other side is willing to answer this question. Some people may ask, when we face strangers, how to know what others are good at it? It’s easy to ask what he does in his spare time相关的主题文章:

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