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Apple how to do AR? The iPhone camera with AR function – Sohu technology although this year is VR but after the outbreak of the first year, came to the end, seems to boom gradually subsided, but could not prevent large companies who have the layout of VR, but so far, walking in front of science and technology of Apple has not released a clear VR strategy. However, compared to VR, Apple seems more interested in AR, there are rumors that Apple plans to use AR technology on the iPhone camera, so that the phone has AR function. It is understood that this feature can shoot and identify objects in the real environment, Apple will be similar to the technical use of machine learning technology, the image recognition function applied to the camera. In accordance with the implementation of the conventional mobile phone AR guess, Apple’s camera AR function may be the use of such an image recognition technology, which allows the virtual image and the reality of the environment better stack. It is worth noting that, in order to use this function better, Apple will launch a AR box, which is connected with the iPhone, like the +VR mobile phone box, with the virtual picture transmission to a small glasses equipment. Insiders revealed that Apple has close contact with the supplier of near screen display, this device is scheduled to launch in 2018. Although Apple has not come up with substantial VR AR products, but you can see it already in the pipeline, not long ago there was news that apple from Osterhout Design Group hired in the head mounted display technology engineer John Borber. Of course, these "digging" is not the case in December of last year, Apple released the recruitment information to hire VR AR aspects of talent, has also Walai Microsoft and Magic Leap in the virtual reality research engineer. Apple has also acquired a lot of VR AR in the areas of the company, such as: engaged in environmental motion sensing technology company -PrimeSense AR, the Israeli sensor company -Metaio, the main facial expression recognition technology, -Emotient and so on. There is news that Apple has engaged in a study of AR technology and application of iPhone camera with team members came from Apple’s acquisition of these VR AR company, this product is still belongs to the initial stage, is expected to be available in 2018 and together with the above mentioned AR box, perhaps it will be Apple’s first VR AV as for the products, can change the world, see.相关的主题文章:

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