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Suspected 9 Chinese students in Canada to buy nearly 300 million real estate David · the basic information provided by Ibiza buyers, including the name, identity, and housing mortgage loans, which part of the privacy information is erased. Original title: suspected Chinese students in Canada Real Estate recently, a 9 China students bought Vancouver Canada Cape Gray District total 57 million Canadian dollars (about 288 million yuan) House news caused a lot of concern. As a result of the sale of 9 documents on the buyer’s professional information are students, and mostly through bank loans to buy a house, causing controversy in the local. JINGWAH Times reporter interviewed the students purchase news to the media disclosure of the Canadian real estate commentator David · Eby, he said that in recent years, Vancouver area prices rise greatly, at the same time, the local bank loans to housewives and students has no source of income to buy real estate, but also caused a lot of local residents questioned. In addition, Vancouver province belongs to the Ministry of finance news at BC Jamie · Edwardson told JINGWAH Times reporter said, the local regulatory authorities had issued a document, said the thorough investigation of the bank’s lending process, including the applicant’s income status review and other content, the future will continue to strict supervision of Bank lending. Unable to determine whether the 9 China students David · provided he received the Ibiza housing sales documents to reporters, this document shows that nearly two years in the past, 9 of property buyers to purchase 9 homes in Vancouver Gray point area, the total value of $57 million. 9 real estate, the value of one of the most expensive real estate price of $31 million 100 thousand (about 157 million yuan), the cheapest price of a real estate also reached $1 million 850 thousand Canadian dollars (about 9 million 340 thousand yuan). The highest selling price of this property, it is in May this year, was once a concern for foreign buyers (Zhou Tianyu) (TianYuZhou). "I am not sure whether these 9 people are Chinese students." Eby said, because the document does not show buyers nationality information, they can only judge by name chinesepinyin registration, the 9 is likely to be chinese. In the document, the 9 home buyers career information are displayed as students, of which 5 of the whole person to buy a house, the other 4 people to buy loans. In a total of 57 million Canadian dollars in the purchase, there are $40 million from bank loans. 9 real estate, the price of up to $31 million 100 thousand of a property for students and a joint owner of a female, students have a property of 99%. Housewives are the main buyers in 2015, Canada University of British Columbia professor Yan Andi (transliteration) was investigated including Gray Cape District, Vancouver City West community property owners, and wrote a research report. The report shows that in August 2014 to February 2015 this period of six months, 172 at the level of the Vancouver real estate sold million dollars in personal property transactions accounted for the first home buyers as "Housewives", the purchase amount of the population accounted for the total pay prop相关的主题文章:

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