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Gaining new knowledge! Painting the original impact on the child so much – Sohu maternal and child painting so that the left and right brain together in the usual life, the ability to develop the main left brain. Thinking about what to draw, how to draw, and the control of the opponent’s movement, these are mostly the left half of the brain in action. In painting, the child can be invisible in the cultivation of color, shape, spatial position of cognitive ability, these abilities are particularly useful for the development of the brain. Because, when the child is able to draw a picture of the brain at the same time, in the process of creating the painting, the child will continue to break the original thinking and formulary. When you see something new in the outside world, the child has the inspiration to be able to let the two brains at the same time start". Better memory sometimes see their children painted paintings out of order, the first reaction is mom and dad’s "doodles", this is normal. If the children draw with adults almost, there is no "imagination", is like a painting of an apple, if the child finally painted like apple, it shows that there is no added to children’s imagination. Sometimes, we lack understanding of the composition of adult thinking in children’s works, in the children’s paintings, a small circle is a cloud, a figure, even if it is not a few reliable lines may represent a building, a few trees. In fact, the earliest use of the Oracle with children paintings have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful! In daily life, the children remember some of their own ideas, and adopts the "naive" "naive" way to express the abstract. Some psychologists believe that at the age of 5, the child’s creativity peaked, creativity can be compared with the painting master. The content of their paintings is not empty, in fact, is the image of their own reproduction, but adults can not understand it. Observe more strongly when your child is very happy to point to his painting of the "little eccentric" that is super, it is invincible, to believe that children. You may not understand a child’s painting, but you will find that some of the things we have been overlooked by the child was captured, and then another way to show in front of us. This is mainly the performance of the child’s ability to observe, the child will notice that many adults can not pay attention to the details. Why is a child’s imagination so difficult to understand? Adults and children’s imagination, cognitive ability is not the same. Adults like simple things, and the children’s world is very romantic, the flowers will sing, the sun long beard, the little rabbit holding a balloon, the TV has two hands…… This is because the child’s imagination is much stronger than adults. Children’s use of color is also very bold, according to their own interests, wishes will be painted color, whether it is in line with the laws of the real world. Do not think the children see the world is very outrageous, in the eyes of the child, the world is rich and colorful. Emotions will be in a timely manner. The famous educator Dexter wehe pointed out: "1 hours painting to get something, than watching ten hours to get相关的主题文章:

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