Mail door to restart the investigation to kill Hilary’s big fat hacker who is it cad2012序列号和密钥

Mail door to restart the investigation: to kill Hilary’s big fat hacker who is it? In October 28th, a heavy news release: the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) decided to restart the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate, former Secretary of state Hilary, Clinton, "mail door" incident investigation. "Mail door", that is, Hilary was accused of serving as secretary of state during the United States, improper use of personal e-mail and servers, thus avoiding the possibility of government e-mail may face. In July this year, said FBI director James commey announced the "mail door" survey results, although Hilary and his colleagues are very sensitive, although in the treatment of highly confidential information "extremely careless", but did not intentionally violate the relevant laws, FBI does not recommend the United States Department of justice for criminal prosecution of Hilary. In September this year, James commey also said in congressional testimony, for the investigation of Hilary using a private mail server as secretary of state has come to an end. Why will restart? James commey handed in a letter to Congress pointed out: in an unrelated case, FBI found some and "mail door" survey of related messages, therefore will restart the investigation. This "independent case" refers to the FBI of former congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexual assault case investigation. Weiner’s ex-wife, she was huma Hilary at the State Department’s deputy chief of staff, so the police in the computer to check the Weiner and Hilary as secretary of state during the work related messages. There may be another role in promoting the investigation of the "mail door". Previously, the United States has always been that the Russian hackers’ mail door " behind the push, I did not expect to turn this thing is the famous big fat hacker Kim Dotcom. In October 26th, KimDotcom tweeted that Hilary knew where the deleted mail was. He then made a push to explicitly point out the deleted messages on the spy (NSA) of cloud, Utah, and describe the steps to be taken. Previously, although WikiLeaks also disclosed the massive mail, but because the channels are controversial, the U.S. government can deceive the past, legal means the Kim Dotcom explicitly pointed out the acquisition of these messages, and the legitimate way was the U.S. government’s own NSA Spy cloud, then, is not a sight. Because of the sharp reversal of the situation, Obama said publicly: the decision to stop canvassing for Hilary. Trump is also a time to fill the knife – he said in the election campaign in New Hampshire, I respect this matter, FBI and the Department of justice is now willing to take the courage to correct the terrible mistakes they made". He accused Hilary of corruption, described as "unprecedented" mail door "in 1970s than the" Watergate "more serious. Finally, to be familiar with the masses of Kim Dotcom science, Kim Dotcom was born in 1974, with dual nationality in Germany and Finland, living in new zealand. He has invaded the United States five.相关的主题文章:

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