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Demobilized cadres relatives suffer from a serious illness, such forces help…… Shaanxi Channel – original title: Cadres relatives suffer from a serious illness, such forces help…… Fourteenth army brigade to carry out "help comrades" activities to motivate soldiers to join the practice of reform to reform at the end of the army for yellow American, Ouyang Zhimin special correspondent reports: National Day on the eve of the fourteenth army brigade officers and soldiers are coordinating local governments, special difficulties for 8 families to help relief, praise by the soldiers. This is the brigade extensive help comrades "activities, send a specific initiatives to reform the army at the end of the turn. The brigade political commissar Chen Xin told reporters, with the deepening reform of national defense and the army, part of the officers and men for a variety of new situation, ideological fluctuations. To this end, they are widely carried out to help solve confusion, help solve the difficulties, to help people as the main content of helping comrades activities, with care to resolve the throes of reform. Help solve confusion, do not let his comrades thought anchor. For individual soldiers fuzzy understanding of the reform, the future of the individual, posterior and family problems more practical concerns, the brigade cadres at all levels to actively help officers and subordinates talk heart to heart, unlock button thought. Nine army platoon leader Liu Xingwang concerns after the reform, restriction of personal development, working enthusiasm is not high. Instructor Hong Kunlian active and he formed a Bangdai pair, make him out of confusion, actively involved in work. Not long ago, Liu Xingwang was praised for his excellent work". Don’t let his comrades help solution difficulty, failing to distraction. Liang Yidong, general secretary of the brigade to obey the military uniforms, to be placed during the family suffering from serious illness. Let him move is that the brigade and the resident government to help him with the placement of employment, the treatment of loved ones, a better solution to the difficulties. The reporter understands, the brigade for troops during the reform period, the increase in the number of demobilized cadres, soldiers separated, increase housing security gaps and other issues, to take military forces, economic assistance and other measures, and actively help solve. Don’t let his comrades help the talent, ability behind. Reform and restructuring, job adjustment on the ability and quality of officers and soldiers put forward new requirements, so that some officers and soldiers have the ability to panic. In response to this phenomenon, the brigade to distinguish between the new post personnel, new equipment backbone, college soldiers and other categories, tailored for the officers and men plan talent roadmap". Staff sergeant agricultural by professional infantry to adjust to the new post, in the chief Chen Bangdai under the "charge" transformation, creating 3 new equipment training record. Help in urgent need, the truth warm people. Help comrades activities carried out, so that the officers and men warm heart, full of energy. This year, the brigade finished the international joint training and joint exercises, training in Plateau and other major tasks, 34 units and individuals were commended, the brigade party by the southern army as "advanced brigade level party committees". ("jiefangjun Bao" on 07 October 2016 01 Edition) (    commissioning editor: Deng; Nan, Ren Lihong)相关的主题文章:

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