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Jiangsu private investment to achieve two digit growth in private enterprises into the main foreign investment – Beijing, Beijing, Nanjing, September 28, (Yang Yanci) reporter from the Jiangsu provincial government held 28 press conference was informed that: 1-7 months of this year, Jiangsu private investment 1 trillion and 885 billion 550 million yuan, an increase of 10.8%; private enterprises in Jiangsu to become the "go out" the main force the total amount of foreign investment, accounting for 72.2%, become an important engine of economic development. Statistics show that 1-7 months of this year, the province’s industrial scale private enterprises added value of 1 trillion and 106 billion 740 million yuan, accounting for the province’s industrial scale 55.4%; completed private investment 1 trillion and 885 billion 550 million yuan, accounting for the province’s investment in fixed assets 69.9%, an increase of 10.8%; private enterprises realized total exports of $58 billion 90 million, accounting for the province’s total exports of 32.8%. Steady growth in domestic investment at the same time, from the Jiangsu Provincial Department of commerce data show that private enterprises have become the main force of Jiangsu going out. 1-8 months of this year, the province increased by 18.3% in the The Belt and Road "countries along the Chinese investment agreement the amount of year-on-year, including private enterprises to" The Belt and Road "investment grew 73.4%. Zhu Yimin, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce said, "Jiangsu private enterprises to enhance the energy out, until August this year, the province’s private enterprises overseas investment totaled 3666, the total investment of $34 billion 490 million, accounted for 68% of the province’s total foreign investment and 72.2%. At the same time, the continued expansion of investment areas, mainly in leasing and business services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail and real estate. By August, these four areas accounted for 77.6% of the number of foreign investment projects of private enterprises." Zhu Yimin said. In the context of the decline in private investment in the country, Jiangsu’s private investment has maintained growth. In this regard, vice president Zhou Qin, Professor of economics and management, Southeast University believes that the reason is that economic restructuring in Jiangsu earlier, a large number of private enterprises have taken the lead through the transformation of the growing pains, the current indicators are warmer, so there is no substantial landslide in the data. Secondly, Zhou Qin believes that the infrastructure construction in Jiangsu has come to an end, so the involvement of state-owned enterprises confined space. Private enterprises are more sensitive to subtle market, thus stepping up the corner overtaking". At the same time, Jiangsu’s private economy based on a good history, a high degree of openness, the province’s economy showed strong state-owned enterprises, private enterprises stronger situation. "The recent visit, Suzhou account on behalf of the company we found that private and foreign economic situation in Suzhou, Kunshan and other places more optimistic earnings into six or seven is also good, not rumors so serious." Zhou Qin said. (end)相关的主题文章:

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