Qing struck the Guangzhou auto show booth at Sohu – Guangzhou TOYOTA automobile 特命战队go busters

"Qing" struck the Guangzhou auto show booth at Guangzhou TOYOTA Sohu automobile imperceptibly went to a year at the end of the year, by the end of the car industry event, how much of the Guangzhou auto show? In November 19th, the 2016 Guangzhou motor show opening soon, this year, Guangzhou TOYOTA will open up the exclusive booth at the 2.2 Guangzhou auto show hall, all star cars full debut, in addition to the new Camry Camry, Highlander, twin engine, Ralink dual engine and other hot models, and recent listing of the new dazzle and Ralink Turbo debut at the Guangzhou auto show, more new models blockbuster debut. The Lei Ling family added Reggie Turbo struck the November listing of leiling Turbo has refused to mediocrity, arbitrary dynamic design, the driving pleasure, leading the fuel economy and the global first-class quality of the four major characteristics of Yuedong ingenuity. It is equipped with TOYOTA’s first 1.2T D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine and S-CVT super intelligent stepless gearbox, the formation of a new "TS platinum power combination, can realize the low speed high torque power; high efficiency reaction with high performance and low fuel consumption; reliable quality is not easy to deposit not burning oil. With Ralink Turbo listed, the whole engine power matrix covers 1.2T direct injection turbocharged engine, the 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and hybrid formation of leiling family, to provide more comprehensive and diversified Car Buying choice for intermediate car consumers. Driving fun fashion hatchback new dazzle dazzle essential new trends released in August this year, the number of upgrades, greatly enhance the appearance design, interior layout, high efficiency and energy saving, safety and comfort, the more charm, market price range from 69 thousand and 800 yuan to 104 thousand and 800 yuan. The new dazzle with S-CVT super intelligent CVT (simulation 8 speed); at the same level models in the first line comes standard with vehicle stability control system (VSC), traction control system (TRC), hill start assist function (HAC) and TOYOTA SMART STOP intelligent oil saving start stop system, greatly enhance the driving safety the fuel economy, to achieve the best 5.2L hundred kilometers; the amount of pin core level models fully equipped with the LED daytime driving lights, become a leapfrog evolution "driving fun fashion hatchback". The pursuit of individual self and fashionable young game player, the new dazzle can be described as "the first car ideal life". Hybrid "double swordsman" energy-saving technology fashion if you want to choose a suitable city transport, quiet saving, easy car driving, hybrid won’t disappoint you choice. As a representative of the most mature hybrid technology, TOYOTA hybrid dual engine cars have exceeded 9 million in global sales. As the market China hybrid pioneer and leader in the Camry dual engine reliable TOYOTA hybrid technology and advanced driving texture, with nearly 30 thousand double engine fan". The dual engine compared with gasoline vehicle fuel saving more than 32%, in the comprehensive conditions of fuel consumption is only 5.3L / 100km, equivalent to 1.5L models, 1 boxes of oil…相关的主题文章:

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