A kind of mysterious food spread around the rivers and lakes, how to eat authentic taste – Sohu eat wegener肉芽肿

A lakes spread magical food, how to eat authentic taste of food and drink is a Sohu into the winter cold hands and feet often cough you should eat the food yiqibuxue patch of Wenxian County tiegun but the winter season is white and delicate delicious noodles and sweet medicinal value do you really can eat authentic Wenxian County tiegun we do so we can also yam as a tonic medicine and Wenxian County tiegun is renowned at home and abroad it can Ganping Gushen spleen diarrhea sweating can reduce blood sugar of Yifeizhike beauty that how tiegun is pure today will take you to uncover the mystery of it is Qin Hongkai Wenxian County Huaiyao "with the" Eleventh generation more than and 200 years ago, his family is selling Huaiyao started with this year’s Qin’s family planted more than and 100 acres of tiegun according to him " After is the best time to dig yam yam in this amylase into sugar sweet taste loessial soil tiegun rotation for eight years just dug yam still had sticky mud tiegun good said the mystery is in the soil inside the loessial soil hardness and high viscosity inside containing minerals tiegun in growth when the great resistance shape is not regular crooked but nutritious yam washed short and fine eye was also heavily absorbed in loessial soil nutrients and minerals on the surface to form a mass of a group of red meat is so called rust solid tiegun has also become Jiaozuo Wenxian County landmark specialty tiegun the skin is very thin slices after see also great sticky white SAP glowing slightly sweet taste of the feast full of features made of yam Steamed Yam – yam wash With the skin on the steaming pot directly can ensure maximum loss of nutrition white tinged with some yellow flesh and delicate mouth to eat inside the starch content is very high after taste some sweet very nourishing health dipped in honey sugar add some sweet – yam juice – tiegun yam powder after drying can be made by boiling water can mix color slightly yellow taste Vujacic is not particularly sweet nor greasy often drink can also be fit and healthy aging – Honey yam – oil in wok and stir fry add honey sugar has peeled cut yam section into the fried coke crisp peanuts on the table before you spread a hand the white sesame glutinous sweet taste very soft entrance face popular cool mushroom and kids – yam cake – vine under the back yam bean is also delicious cleaned mix Above and sugar yam cake and do not say it invigorating the spleen and stomach digestive function is only fragrant glutinous rice taste on the lap of countless from time to time to bite the powder surface Xiangxiang yam beans and a bite to eat did not stop the yam pork fat and the tonic yam spareribs stewed together again put coriander can not only improve the yen value also increase fresh fragrant and sweet yam ribs have been integrated into the soup to drink the stomach smooth mellow incense body warm beauty often edible can enhance immunity at at at "double eleven" limited welfare powder authentic Wenxian County loessial soil tiegun hot sale from November 10th to November 11th 2 17:00!相关的主题文章:

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