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A woman with a swelling confinement don’t brush touch a loose tooth bleeding within three years and had two children, but during the month are not brushing, Yongtai Wu mouth recently out of the question. In addition to bad breath, her mouth gums also grow a small swelling, suction, mouthwash, brushing teeth, bite…… A touch of bleeding. When she spoke, lips with the blood, very scary. The doctor said she was suffering from pregnancy gingivitis and chronic periodontitis. Ms. Wu, 33 years old this year, her "three years have two", last month to Fujian provincial stomatological hospital, when the second child after 3 months of lactation. Hospital periodontal Keyou Xiao Qing doctor examined her, found her full mouth gum long more swelling swelling, redness, most touched on the bleeding, she had a lot of bad breath, tooth stone covered on the surface of teeth, the teeth are slightly loose. Ms. Wu said she felt before pregnancy, teeth and gums hey, confinement, she according to the traditional method, the whole month Baotou slattern, not brushing. The first of the month after her gums have been swollen bleeding, pregnant with a second child in the late, gum is swollen bag is, when her second child after confinement still don’t brush your teeth, symptoms. Experiments show that 10 days or so do not brush your teeth, gum inflammation." You Xiaoqing, women in pregnancy, increased hormone levels, chronic inflammation may aggravate the original gum, the gum swelling or epulo change. If coupled with long teeth, composed of food residue and shedding of epithelial cells and bacteria in the dental plaque, will brazenly reproduce rapidly, and gathered in the local, the inflammation and other oral diseases aggravated. Pregnancy gingivitis epulis is benign, but easily bleeding, as big as beans up to serious, purulent pain, cause tooth loosening prolonged pressure, serious, I’m afraid will fall off. You Xiaoqing to Wu and formulate scaling, graded regular periodontal treatment plan is expected to be standardized, the cure for a month, and then observed for a month. You Xiaoqing said, according to the condition, some pregnancy gingivitis patients need surgical excision epulis. You Xiaoqing reminded, warm water brushing in the morning and evening meal, also during the month after application by using the common toothbrush, mouthwash, brushing time should be 3 minutes or so. The changes in hormone levels of women during the month of soft tissue in the mouth is more sensitive, gentle brushing time. (reporter Zhu Danhua) (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章:

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