Car source shortage of low proportion of the used car market analysis and forecast in July – Sohu au 申威1600

Car source is insufficient to membership of the low proportion of July second-hand car market analysis and forecast – Auto Sohu January, deputy secretary general China Automobile Association Shen Rong analysis operations this year month to month of second-hand car market actual. Shen Rong said, referring to the used car manager index, the current situation in the used car industry and the second-hand car market, he thought of a book, half of the sea, half of the flame. Second hand car market has yet to break out, the first half of the data is enough for us to think about the used car market. Shen Rong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Dealers Association, the lack of car source is the basic characteristics of the used car market can be seen from the used car manager index: the lack of used car source. Although the second-hand car source is indeed inadequate, but the development of second-hand car market itself and mature, not entirely depend on the source of cars, second-hand car market after all from the beginning of the formation of today, experienced an explosive growth in the year, today is close to 000 scale, shortage of second-hand car source, has a deep Chinese second-hand car market. After all, the new car market is Chinese from years before the start of the second-hand car market, Chinese today, while on the one hand to see is 184 million of the stock, great imagination, but on the other hand we have to see such a huge stock market from the year after the beginning of rapid accumulation and expansion. The overall market, the relative lack of source of car in the short term is a real problem that we must face in the second-hand car industry development, so we can not expect too much, consumers need time to change the past for a long time the formation of consumer attitudes. Of course, it is not possible to look forward to consumers in the market environment is not particularly ideal, in the consumer expectations, expected income is not very high, to achieve their early replacement demand, in this sense, Chinese second-hand car market in the next period of time, at least in the next five years in the car, car source shortage, decide the size of the market, will become one of the basic features of second-hand car market, which is not able to appear in the present stage managers’ index, but we have to gradually resolved in the future for a longer period of time in question. Second-hand car market is still not changed about the market situation this year month, 1-6 month should be said that the first half of the month is not ideal, the market is not the ideal situation is still not changed. We see that the month of second-hand car trading volume is 817 thousand and 300, a decline of 0.17% qoq. In 2012, we said that the biggest second-hand car market is a good sign of the progress of the progress of the monthly trading volume is a million steps. But unfortunately, after entering the market, the monthly trading of the market changes remain at the level of 10000, which shows that the development of the market is not as we expected to step up. In this year, the emergence of such a horizontal situation, it may continue. But such a continuation of the market also gave us the late in the year to be able to bring more than a million times the greater misery. Originally in the year, we used the car market to be able to cross the tens of millions of times is pregnant.相关的主题文章:

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