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Do you know the mysterious light fetal education? More and more on the topic – "the maternal fetal education" Sohu in recent years, fathers, mothers in order to let the baby more healthy and clever, better growth started to pay attention to fetal education. However, we often hear the fetal education is "music" to "touch" fetal education, fetal education, there is a kind of mysterious " light "fetal education, you know? We are going to look at the science! 1, light fetal education is what? Light fetal education is a new method for fetal education, fetal education light is the main fetal education use of outside light source irradiation belly fetus, to the outside world through light stimulation, let the baby visual neural development is more agile, can also speed up the baby visual function quickly mature, let the brain nerve and visual nerve can be fully developed, various intelligence, vision and other aspects of the baby there is a positive effect. 2, light steps of fetal education is what? The light source is the use of fetal education stimulation to the baby, so mother prepared to give the baby to choose the light source in the light of fetal education when fetal education was reasonable, to select a weak light source, especially as the flashlight light source is the most appropriate, soft, neutral, not special dazzling. Secondly, the light of the need to choose a good time when fetal education, education for children in the night time. Mother with a flashlight in the direction of the fetal head irradiation, irradiation for about five minutes each time, after the exposure time to turn off the flashlight. Rest for a while and then open, so repeated several times of light stimulation. In the light of fetal education when the mother can appropriately increase fetal education and baby talk, language, tell the baby is now at night, then they can see things need to turn on the lights at night, mom and Dad together to eat a lot of food Oh! You must grow up well oh! So the statement can be, for the baby is some help. 3, what is the role of light fetal education? Light fetal education can let the baby development, late pregnancy in the cerebral cortex visual central nerve growth and improve more, also can let the baby’s intelligence, imagination is development and good development. At this time the late pregnancy in the second trimester fetal education light is the best time to rest, can regulate through this method to let the baby to establish circadian fetal education, lay a good foundation for the future life of the baby. Light fetal education content is simple, convenient operation, light for second trimester fetal education until the baby is born in this period of time can be. Need time designated for children of light can not stop a fetal education, three days of sunshine, so the impact of the baby is relatively large. Baby education, training, communication of information, can promote the intellectual development of children is very good, but also can improve between the baby and the mother’s feelings, a certain interaction and understanding of the mother can accurately grasp the rules and information of the baby, but also through the light of fetal teach your baby smarter. The light of the baby is now fetal education regardless of brain development or after the birth of the regular schedule is of great effect, in order to grow the baby can be more healthy, smart mothers tired is worth it. Light ray.相关的主题文章:

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