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The 101 year old cruise to see the world as   the oldest domestic outbound tourists – Jiangxi channel — original title: 101 year old cruise to see the world as the country’s oldest outbound tourists in the morning of October 1st, Royal Caribbean cruise marine quantum ended 4 days 5 Nights cruise, successfully docked in Shanghai Wusong wharf. Accompanied by his family, 101 year old Liu Chengxin Wuxi appeared in succession from the crowd, her spirit is hale and hearty, on the face of a smile, and not because of the travel days of discomfort and fatigue. This is the first time the grandmother stepped out of the country to see a different world, she boarded the cruise to Xiongben, Japan, experienced a variety of special activities on the cruise, but also feel the local customs and customs of japan. At the same time, she also became the oldest outbound tourist in China at the age of 101. (Liu grandmother and Sishitongtang family arrived in Shanghai Wusong pier) "my world tour, starting from the age of 101, the voice of Liu grandmother shouted, travel in the same way with the help of the final realization. 5 days ago, under the careful arrangement of the same journey, Liu Nainai and his four generations had officially opened the cruise. In this trip, in addition to Liu grandmother, a total of children, grandchildren, heavy grandchildren more than 30 people together to accompany the trip, the scene is sweet and touching. Liu was born in Hubei, Yichang, and settled in Wuxi. At present, the elderly have good ears and eyes fitness and health, in addition to a reasonable diet, a walk is one of the secrets of longevity. The elderly have 10 children, the whole family has counted more than 50 people, children and grandchildren have been filial piety, these years with her tour of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei, Shandong and other provinces of major tourist cities. Referring to the trip abroad, Liu Nainai’s eldest son, Han Xusheng, said, "the old lady has been to many places in the country before, but has not traveled abroad," as early as a few years ago, we planned to take the old lady to travel abroad, has not taken place". In the elderly tourism market, the tourism market for the elderly to choose high-quality tourism products is relatively small, considering the body of the elderly tourists and other reasons, some travel agencies do not receive either elderly or offered, put forward many restrictions on the elderly s. But in tourism protection, such as insurance for the ultra elderly population, the domestic is not perfect. "Thanks to the same journey, this helped us realize this dream, and from the early preparations to the present, the whole arrangement is very meticulous and thoughtful."." Han Xusheng said. (Liu Sishitongtang sea spend birthday) a month ago, with the way tourism learned Liu grandmother’s outbound travel demand especially centenarians travel difficulties, actively coordinate the cruise companies, insurance companies and other various resources, and finally help grandma Liu and his family to arrange the cruise. In order to let Liu Chengxin’s family travel more comfortable experience, in addition to arranging VIP VIP channel smoothly boarding, will also be one of the cruise balcony balcony free upgrade to a deluxe double deck suite. (Liu milk milk taste of Japanese local delicacy) the entire row) 101岁老人坐邮轮看世界 成国内年龄最大出境旅游者–江西频道–人民网 原标题:101岁老人坐邮轮看世界 成国内年龄最大出境旅游者   10月1日上午,皇家加勒比海洋量子号邮轮结束了4晚5天的邮轮之旅,顺利停靠在上海吴淞口码头。在家人的陪伴下,无锡101岁老人刘成心出现在陆续下船的人潮中,她精神矍铄,脸上挂着笑意,并没有因为连日的旅行带来不适和疲惫。   这是老奶奶第一次踏出国门看到了国外不一样的世界,她登上了邮轮去了日本熊本,体验了邮轮上各种有特色的活动,也感受了日本当地的风土人情。同时,她也以101岁的高龄成为中国年龄最大的出境旅游者。   (刘奶奶与四世同堂的家人到达上海吴淞口码头)   “我的世界之旅,从101岁开始”,刘奶奶喊出的这句心声,在同程旅游的帮助下最终得以实现。5天前,在同程旅游的细致安排下,刘奶奶及其四世同堂的家人正式开启了这趟邮轮之旅。此行中,除了刘奶奶之外,共有子女、孙辈、重孙辈30余人一同陪伴出游,场面温馨感人。   (家人陪同刘奶奶开始登邮轮)   刘奶奶是湖北宜昌人,后定居无锡。目前老人耳聪目明、身康体健,除了合理膳食,酷爱走动是其长寿的秘诀之一。老人育有10个子女,整个大家庭算下来已超过50口人,儿孙们一直很孝顺,这些年来带着她游遍了江浙沪及湖北、山东等省份主要旅游城市。   提及此次出国旅行,刘奶奶的大儿子韩徐生说,老太太之前去过国内很多地方,但还没有到过国外旅游,“早在几年前大家就在计划要带老太太出国旅游,一直没成行”。   在中老年旅游市场上,目前旅游市场上可供老年人选择的高品质旅游产品也比较少,考虑到老年游客的身体等原因,部分旅行社要么不接待老年人参团,要么对老年人参团提出诸多限制。而在旅游保障这块,像针对超高龄人群的保险,国内也还不完善。   “感谢同程旅游这次帮我们实现了这个梦想,而且从前期的各种准备到现在出发,整个安排都很细致周到。”韩徐生说。   (刘奶奶四世同堂共度海上生日宴)   一个月前,同程旅游方面得知了刘奶奶的出境游需求尤其是百岁老人出游的难处后,积极协调邮轮公司、保险公司等多方资源,终于帮刘奶奶及其家人安排了此次邮轮之旅。为了让刘成心老人一家的出游有更加舒适的体验,除了安排VIP贵宾通道顺利登船,还将其中的邮轮阳台三人间免费升级为一间豪华双层套房。   (刘奶奶品尝日本当地美食)   整个行程安排也考虑到了老人的实际情况,舒适且不累,此外,同程旅游方面还积极协调为老人做了免费体检,并在邮轮上为一家人举办了难忘的生日宴会。   (同程旅游协调安排为刘奶奶体检)   (刘奶奶与量子号邮轮工作人员攀谈、合影)   而第一次出国旅游的刘奶奶,一路上兴致颇高。在量子号邮轮上,她成为了这趟旅程上最为耀眼的人物。得知她的年龄,很多人都竖起大拇指,并要求与之合影,而她也乐意参与邮轮上的各种活动,也会在翻译的帮助下热情地用家乡话与船上不同肤色的工作人员攀谈。   (刘奶奶与船上工作人员攀谈)   (刘奶奶参与花椒直播,与网友亲密互动)   同程旅游花椒直播室提供了全程直播,见证此次暖心之旅。在直播中,刘奶奶面对直播镜头丝毫不生分,聊到兴起处,还唱起了国歌为网友们“助兴”。而“身体好就是宝”、“我还要再活一百岁”、“我恐怕要旅游1个月”等等“名言”感染着周围的每个人…… (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章:

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