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Faye Wong concert named "magic music form suspected a webcast of Sohu   entertainment; Faye Wong fans broke the   concert in December 30th;   Faye Wong concert named" magic music a "Sohu entertainment news the evening of September 6th, Faye Wong fans broke the news, said Faye Wong 2016 concert advertising has been put in a hotel in Sanlitun, known as the" magic music field, time is December 30th, the network will use the form of live. In the past 5 years, Faye Wong only occasionally "days" for the soundtrack. Vocals, there has been no further in concert. Before the broker Chen Jiaying confirmed that Faye Wong will be at the end of this year at the Shanghai concert, June has been submitted to the examination and approval materials. Faye Wong at the end of the Year Concert News Online, every kind of false news spread, but on the 9 day Faye Wong concert will be held a press conference, when many news will be released, but the Hongkong media reports, Faye Wong at the end of the concert, the most expensive fare is about 7 thousand yuan! Faye Wong separated by five years and finally comeback stage, she will be held at the end of the concert in Shanghai, there are many versions of the previous online spread, but were denied by her agent. There was a site previously hit 160 million yuan mark to the concert host, but only to the rumors, so the 9 day press conference, will be announced the exclusive broadcast network operators, and Hongkong media also reported that this concert is the most expensive price of 7000 yuan fare fear the cheapest, less than 1000 yuan.相关的主题文章:

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