Mrs. Smith double acting Zu Feng high Wang Ziwen debut spy (video)-rewrite攻略�

"Mrs. Smith" double acting Zu Feng high Wang Ziwen debut spy "double" kiss the finale of Zu Feng Wang Ziwen exposure other Tencent Ode to joy entertainment news September war drama "fury hero" in Jiangsu TV happy theater broadcast in full swing, from September 29th onwards, starring Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen partner Spy Drama "double" emotional life hot then file. Fight for faith, fighting for emotion. Latent plot burning brain, emotional conflict and abuse of the heart, write the most tangled the most beautiful "spy elegy". September 21st, Jiangsu TV drama "double" held in Beijing Broadcasting conference. Producer Yang Li, director Mou Xiaojie, screenwriter Joe Bing, starring Zu Feng (played by Peng Gang), Wang Ziwen (played by Wu pajcin), Cao Zheng (Deng Hanshan), Ni Hongjie (Xiao Jing), Ren Zhengbin (played by Liu Fu) to attend. Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen, the two in the "Ode to joy" almost no common people, in the "double" has become a pair of husband and wife. When the "singularity" hit the "Fairy", in describing the work, Wang Ziwen think it is a Chinese version of the couple Smith". The Spy Drama Yan value power? Yang Li: actor producer not just a static paper three years grinding sword, gold producer Yang Li following the "independence" after the thorn another way, continue to spy and emotional mix line, "acupuncture" companion "double" came into being. Shaping the spy after all it is necessary to return to human nature and emotion, emotional entanglement and the game is no less than the thrilling spy. In the play, the liberation of Chengdu in 1949 as the background, tells the story of Peng Gang (Zu Feng), Wu Peixin (Prince gloze) the identity agent couples the story of grief at separation and joy in union opposition. Talking about the Spy Drama "micro innovation", writer Joe said: "our soldiers compared to this drama and other types have some breakthrough, added some very complex emotion" in the spy element, director Mou Xiaojie in the creation process, also used a very bold technique: "double" "performance is a kind of extreme environment of emotion, so we are not in accordance with the practice of the Spy Drama to do, but in accordance with the requirements of modern drama and very disturbed is equivalent to let a bunch of modern people in the play’s drama, but I hope the audience can love." Now the Spy Drama, is a popular idol momentum. "Double" is not only the color value, also acting. In particular, producer Yang Li said: "this year is the yen value in power, but we choose the time or acting in the first place, the success of the works not by Yan value decision. Yan value for TV drama is important, but in the Spy Drama There are a lot of psychological drama, still need to have the depth and range of width, the need for various levels of performance, the actor can not say just a static paper." "Happy song" after the cooperation? "Double" earlier! Zu Feng Wang Ziwen "China version of Smith couple" and "double" is the faith and family conflicts, but also represents the turning point in the fate of the husband and wife two people part company each going his own way. As a "double" the actress Zu Feng Wang Ziwen, 13 year old age difference, let the CP is both familiar and strange. The site said: "they actually double" cooperation as early as in the "Ode to joy". Because in the "latent" starring Zu Feng, the spy.相关的主题文章:

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