She is Korean O’Young, now like Liu Shishi love uncle-jcuv是什么车

She is Korean O’Young, now like Liu Shishi love "Uncle" (the Mark) Tencent entertainment news from determining the remake since each exposure to the material subject of "startling step by step: Li", this week finally arrived! And it is intimate to suddenly out of the 3 set, and finally did not live up to the expectations of fans obsessed sister. The play brings together Lee Jun-ki, Li Zhien (IU), Jiang River that Hong Zongxuan, Bian Boxian, Nan, Jin Zhizhu, Xu Xian, Hector column, a South Korean popular flower small meat, high popularity is natural. Waiting for a long time, can not help but open line, and then found the story is like this, we (the Prince) with a bath. Then with a word on the exposed meat — and all kinds of fancy sugar down down down the amount of wrong, should be like this… There is this… Although the expected value is extremely high, the show’s ratings are unsatisfactory, first in 7.4%, second in 9.3%, far lower than the KBS period drama "stable viewing clouds Moonlight" 16%; word of mouth is the one at home, a Korean condemning, Chinese audience is not how to buy it. Wuli cute woman IU woman is injured all over the body is scolded. There are a lot of friends commented that this drama can not see Lee Jun-ki and Jiang Jiang that the number of scenes, they are the real drama hard carry, as IU… Speaking of this, the president really can not agree. Drama aired just three episodes, although Liu Shishi is not the performance of IU and the mainland in the original "nifty and bear free conversion compared, but also the unique flavor of IU. Whether it is the reality in life abandoned helpless or after crossing and princes interaction, playful intelligence — so pure smart girl, and her unique charm ~ actually, when it comes to IU (formerly known as Li Zhien), from the age of 15 with his debut, youthful appearance, richly endowed by nature free voice in Korea so far. South Korean media evaluation "one beat the women’s team, also known as the" national sister known to every family". Had auditioned for the 20 failure, the age of 15 debut as a national sister, in fact, from the beginning of the IU is very fond of listening to music. In the first year of high school she was recommended by the PE teacher on the stage of the school performance, from the moment the child began to become a singer’s idea. She was young, in order to dream, had 20 times to participate in the selection, but were rejected. But IU did not give up, but to continue to work hard to challenge themselves in the last 07 years through the brokerage firm LOEN entertainment audition, opened the first step in life. In 2008, 15 year old IU to the mini album, "Lost and Found", the official debut, but for her challenge has just begun, to gain a foothold in a lot of new songs, we must continue to break their own. So with the 2010 explosion of red songs "good day". The song three treble shows Li Zhien outstanding vocals, the song was one of the many in the list also won the MMA Award for song of the year, if the woman is the gift of opportunity, so sweat is fundamental her famous song. 2011, IU issued a formal two series "Last Fantasy"]相关的主题文章:

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