Donkey water caught a good hand, not playing very well (video)-魔界骑士イングリッド

"Donkey": the water has a good hand, don’t play very well [Abstract] "donkey" water more intriguing, it is through. A lot of people like the spirit of revolt, a slogan climax. Many people hate to escalate, saw someone pull the banner on a tear. "Donkey" heavy water notice "a joke" story of the origin of Tencent (the Chen Xiaonao entertainment Zhuangao) in general, "donkey" water is a form of fancy, a little noisy, but overall is still clear target film. It is the second film happy twist as "Sherlock", relatively less trouble than immersed in love, to help the team achieve detest the world and its ways, twist the ascent of bigger. But this thing is bigger is not stable, posture and good-looking, the values are not strong constant, is not on the gun out of the mouth. In this regard, "donkey water" voice is quite big, but a little bit of fire. "Water" donkey adapted from the stage play of the same name happy twist. Stage director Zhou Shen and Liu Lu are also directors of the film. This determines the sense of space film every scene and choreography, are copied on the stage every thick and heavy in colours and exquisite, the actors are in a loud voice, full of emotion. The only problem is that the camera doesn’t move. The gap between the small screen and the big screen is evident. "Donkey water" in the industry to get the biggest criticism is that there is no sense of film. This is not wrong, the problem is that the people now, may not be able to see the difference between the two, but the story, Duan Zi rotten bad, the audience can see. So, instead of opening your mouth to someone else, ask you to write a better script than the donkey water. "Donkey" water more intriguing, it is the conception of. A lot of people like the spirit of revolt, a slogan climax. Many people hate to escalate, saw someone pull the banner on a tear. In fact, to be honest, it is in the spirit of resistance in the face or have a good hand. Have a sense of the magic in the border town, a group of three different personality, unlike a teacher teacher, a play not much but there is a strong sense of the donkey, a bomb as coppersmith, and a child can cry villain, can be any combination of play Shun Zi or Wang Zha. But the director is still young, like a hippie, this world makes him uncomfortable, but he cannot physically as a soldier to fight against the spirit, and the lack of some leader temperament, so the resistance becomes a "baby little emotion", peace and democracy have become "make love not war, chicken soup became extremely excited. So it is the best part of Huang Duanzi, every word can effect the smart. While the movie’s essence — character change, basically follow the mood to go, some want to clear, some to the end also Ningba, leaving the audience is the feeling of a feather. The most obvious character is the principal, and the "soft" pei. The reason why the principal is good is because he is afraid of the face of the conflict of personality weaknesses, as well as trying to sacrifice the interests of individual interests to protect the collective interests of the acting style, this is a system.相关的主题文章:

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