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Ke Wenzhe: 400 years of Taiwanese habit when I was obedient, mutant Ke Wenzhe (data plan) original title: Ke Wenzhe: Taiwan 400 years when I was accustomed to obedient, mutant comprehensive Taiwan media reported on September 10th, Taipei mayor Wen JE Ko 10 morning to attend the "Taiwan pathos dating from the Kominka to 228" seminar. Not surprisingly, Wen JE Ko again stunned. "If Zheng Chenggong lived ten years, the history of Asia would change." Ke Wenzhe said, Zheng Chenggong after the occupation of Taiwan, there are two strategic thinking, one is to the west, back to the mainland China; one is the South Luzon offensive. Ke Wenzhe Shuaqi "history hypothesis" did not forget the Cai Yingwen administration endorsement: suppose that Zheng Chenggong give up to the west, is now the government pushed the "Southward Policy" a history of Luzon, there will be "two China", one is ", Chinese", another is "the sea China" "a history of poor, it is difficult to interpret the loss of thousands of miles." Ke Wenzhe believes that Taiwan from 350 before the insanity, what name has, including Taiwan, the "Republic of China", the "Republic of China" in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chinese separate customs territory of Taiwan Province, Taipei, Formosa, Taipei Chinese cultural office, "I don’t know who I am now." Ke Wenzhe revealed that he had a "Google" Zheng Chenggong, ran out of the two pictures, a Japanese, a China is the Ming Dynasty officials, but Zheng Chenggong only lived for 39 years, "the enigma of life", is more representative of Taiwan insanity, father is Chinese, mother is Japanese; he is the literati is also a soldier. He is also a pirate soldiers, "the correct statement should be licensed as a pirate". Zheng Chenggong one family are split, some of the family to the Qing Dynasty, also some allegiance to the Ming dynasty. "Taiwan is unlucky, surrounded by great powers." Ke Wenzhe said, Taiwan after Zheng Chenggong, China, Japan and other rules, the challenge is too harsh, more than Taiwan can load, will cause Taiwan so depressed. Ke Wenzhe also talked about "tragic desktop". He said Taiwan is "depressed nation", when watching the opera, is by her bitter story, even the songs, such as burning meat, lyrics highlight unemployment is very serious, until the victories of the song starts to cheer, "as our national hero is Liao Tianding, why not Robinhood, we are miserable people". Ke Wenzhe said, every generation of Taiwanese people always have two choices, one is "self abuse, criticism, to survive in the new regime; the other one is" surrender, when obedient". Personality will be genetic, dog and dog dog born more well behaved, from 400 years of history, as long as the Taiwanese opposition, will be killed, so we choose as obedient, obedient and submissive marriage, birth more smoothly, and I am mutant!" Ke Wenzhe said, Taiwanese constantly ruined their own live, causing the culture cannot continue. But he believes that tolerance is the basis of freedom, each of the Taiwanese people have different past, but to try to tolerate their views are not the same as the people, Taiwan can reduce the split, to a common future.相关的主题文章:

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