To advocate for the forgiveness of corruption Media refuted this will change the nature of the party-jcuv是什么车

To advocate for the forgiveness of corruption? The media refute: this will change the nature of the party – Sohu news in recent years, a strong anti-corruption anti-corruption storm surge high and sweep forward shendeminxin. At the same time, however, there is a saying in the community that the amnesty for corruption…… It is necessary for us to clarify the theoretical point of view and to solve the problem. In recent years, a strong anti-corruption anti-corruption storm surge high and sweep forward shendeminxin. However, at the same time, the society also has a saying: the idea of forgiveness of corruption, corruption that the stock is very great, not pardon can not solve; corruption is a special interest group, no amnesty will hinder the reform; corruption is caused by the system, Amnesty corruption reasonable; many corruption not be held accountable, in fact there has been forgiven. The author believes that it is necessary to clarify the theoretical point of view, the policy should be targeted to solve. "Pardon corruption theory" untenable "the huge stock of corruption", this assumption expanded the scope of the crime of corruption. The crime of corruption is an intentional act, and the crime of corruption and bribery is a typical crime of corruption. If the crime of corruption is understood as corruption, bribery and dereliction of duty, the number of corruption crimes will increase significantly. In addition, this assumption will severely punish corruption and eliminate corruption "draw equal sign". Corruption is the product of private ownership, so long as the state and class society exists, corruption will not be eliminated. Corruption exists in any country, but the number of black corruption in the end how many countries do not have an accurate measure of scale. "Amnesty" corruption is just on the surface or conceal corruption corruption "with white", actually may not bring much change, reform barriers still exist. In the case of a large number of corruption cases, a lot of corruption is precisely the use of loopholes in the reform made a fortune. China’s reform and opening up has been more than 30 years, including the reform of the political system has never stopped and terminated. China’s reform is not driven by corruption or support to succeed, but under the leadership of the party, the people of all ethnic groups work together to achieve. "The root causes of corruption will be fixed for the loopholes in the system" is a pretext. The sound system is not perfect and is relative, not absolute perfect perfect system in the world, any system may be the existence of loopholes or defects in the implementation process. In addition, in the same institutional environment, people who engage in corruption is always very small, the majority of people who fight corruption. This shows that there is a big difference between people, the internal cause is the key variable of corruption. To engage in corruption to shirk all responsibility system, and corruption responsibility but shirk, is very unreasonable, only let people confidently engage in corruption, and anti-corruption are not straight up. Some corrupt elements have not been punished for various reasons, not a pardon for corrupt officials, because once the conditions are ripe, the corrupt will eventually be prosecuted. In fact, the current investigation of corruption and the expectations of the masses there is a certain gap, just shows the importance and necessity to increase the punishment of corruption, but this should not be a normal state for amnesty, let the crime of corruption.相关的主题文章:

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