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Study room of many universities have a undefended 1 week lost 3 charging treasure original title: room for university study room a week Diusan charging treasure undefended police remind the school to strengthen supervision of reporter Zhang Jingya grind to the final stage, the university study room full. There are students broke the news in micro-blog, said the room lost in the study of charging treasure, change and other items. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter visited a number of university self-study room, found that the study room can be random access, no relevant personnel to verify the identity of the reporter. In this regard, the police suggested that students do not want to put things on the self-study room, while reminding schools to strengthen supervision. A week Diusan charging treasure "this is the third charging treasure 7 days lost". Beijing University of architecture students Xiao Ling told reporters, in order to occupy the seat in the self-study room, she often put things on the table, only to lose things. "Our roommate’s coat, books, stationery, many things are lost, and even lost the toilet paper." This makes Xiao Ling very upset, if you do not take things to take place, there may be no place to study". The reporter found that, like her a few students, a lot of people on the Internet Tucao: university dormitory in the study room, throw things into a common thing, even charging treasure, buy a new four grade English questions are held." Reporter linked to the students asked about the situation, she said he was a sophomore in the normal school students, in the school room lost a lot of things. "I felt something was stolen by my classmates, and some of them might come out of school. In short, no one management room." The study room can freely access yesterday, the reporter visited several universities, found the school self-study room can freely access, and dormitory room check strictly. Reporters in the absence of any inspection into the Beijing University of architecture. At noon, a lot of students will be placed on the desk and chair of the study room, including charging treasure, review information, stationery, and even a zero wallet. In Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the reporter tried to enter the library self-study room, the staff asked for student ID. The reporter excuses landed in the dormitory, the staff did not block, but to remind reporters "next time", let reporters into the library, and enter the teaching building room does not need to check. Similarly, in the self-study room also placed a lot of daily necessities, and even a computer. School guard said the security department has requested, not the school’s students can not enter the library and study room, but it is difficult to verify. Some people borrow the campus card with the students, and then go in, we can not find out." Police remind the belongings before, do not leave, Chaoyang police received an alarm in Ms. Chen, who had found a man suspected of stealing his own belongings in the school six study room. The police to the scene after that status, inventory according to the man. The man claimed to be a student of the school, but could not produce a student card. After interrogation, the suspect Liu eventually college students for theft of property confessed to the crime. The police seized a laptop computer, mobile phone, cash and other stolen goods in their temporary residence. become相关的主题文章:

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