London life some people are born to make a mess of their lives (video)-pp点点通2006

"London life": some people are born to make a mess of life [Abstract] in the London life, the actress has no name. Because she is the shadow of each of us. Tongue fish recommended "London independent life" (the Yang Shiyang Tencent entertainment Zhuangao) most people keep pets, are all the way to stay, to some extent, it is a prisoner, and the "London life" the female lead in the side of the animal is always on the run. The sustenance of friendship and grief of the guinea pig, again out of its cage, no matter how are locked; she went to his father’s home, the mother in the Memorial Days actually happened and the stepmother expected fast, she picked up the ban has been out of the expensive cat to help it escape out of the window. This has become a metaphor of the two secret and cruel, small animal are those without rhyme or reason to freedom, but she has been trapped in life. No one can help her release. As a mini drama, "London life" pattern of unobtrusive, neat and duty to tell a small story, an actress and her around four or five people unbearable and trivial, but this seemingly ambitious set but accidentally detonated popular emotion. As a standard comedy, it not funny, foul language, integrity, but it also makes people sad, silent, tears, in this sense, it is also a standard of the tragedy, and life itself is bittersweet and unspeakable? So, it becomes a moment of our lives. The story of London, the girl who lives alone in London, becomes a mirror of every man who struggles in a big city. London life is good and bad, friendship and alienation, empathy in every young person can all live north of Guangzhou, we pretended not to care about everything, for each halfcooked people smile, then turned into his own life, stand by knowing. This drama is not enough for us to resist. "London life" drama translation is too boring, not as fleabag is more powerful, its meaning is sloppy, bad life like meaning, you can see how it is a picture of a climactic, vulnerable, others hate that one. This is the true portrayal of women, she is always very lost, but she still has value of Yan, assembly of cool, so a slightly too little. She is the kind of "self-help" girl, never exposed to any human heart, he runs a few guinea pigs patronize the cafe theme, there is a cowardly and boring boyfriend, from Yan values to the temperament are very different friends, she is crazy face when the face of love when she did not utter not a single word, know that this is why. Then, you know, that’s just a hiding, hiding the true feelings, hiding the weak heart, only such a prick like, can avoid being hurt, even if the end is still hiding but injured, she can also pretend to be careless. You see, this is not a lot of girls look around us, watching the careless, mixed hesitate, but actually flawless helpless innocent, but the three life is how to forge.相关的主题文章:

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