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Samsung Note7 time: the explosion is like walking in the lofty towers at the end of 8, at the beginning of September, Samsung Note7 blasts occasionally, over the same period in Europe began to recall the mobile phone; in September 15th, the United States of the mobile phone in the recall, foreign media reports, the United States received 26 cases of burn and 55 cases of property loss report; Mid Autumn Festival before the holiday, Samsung began to the first batch of domestic experience for recall (informal retail version, a total of 1858 units). After the first day of the first national bank Note7 explosion suspected explosive state line version of the Samsung Note 7 "* *" as a kind of spontaneous combustion of mobile phone, mobile phone theme information inside, see the one or two reports in the past few years, every few months, but this time the Samsung always; like a mobile phone conference are well-known figure than spontaneous combustion, or the first time. Listed less than a month, Samsung Note7 the global recall of the number of mobile phones reached 2 million 500 thousand units; as a mobile phone, sales go fast. Fly fast, down the miserable in the United States to recall 1 million mobile phones, while the local mobile phone severe fever (including user burns and property losses) report reached 92. Would have hoped to iPhone 7 with Android flagship own tripped a big somersault, regrettable. Some hyperbole about these rumors fueled the explosion of Note7, some are true, some are really injustice. Just during the iPhone 7 conference, a foreign user said that the Note7 spontaneous combustion, burning his jeep. Then add fuel to the aviation authority, there is information, there are more than and 10 countries and regions require flight time to disable the Samsung Note7 mobile phone or prohibit consignment. For a price of 6000 mobile phones, equal to potential users, said: your phone can not be used on the plane, and even can not bring. It’s a feeling of being discriminated against. For many users, this description seems to Note7 as a bomb. In fact, some foreign airlines did strengthen the control of Note7 phones, such as not allowed to use or charge on the aircraft. But some rumors are deliberately exaggerated or misread, for example, the major domestic airlines ban Samsung mobile phones, etc.. If you have a plane in the country, you will know a common sense: they had banned users on the plane to open the phone or charge the phone, iPhone, HUAWEI, millet, too, opened the flight mode is not. In addition, is a spoof, such as following the burning of a jeep, Note7 and burned a large truck — it is a spoof of foreign users only, people do not know the truth when it. Why the explosion? This is the core problem of chemistry in junior high school is not see the battery. According to the current multi voice, the explosion is concentrated in Samsung subsidiary SDI (Samsung SDI Co) Provided on cell phone. Schematic diagram of the current lithium ion battery structure as follows: positive, negative, the middle electrolyte. By.相关的主题文章:

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