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Put on it! Not stingy their own beauty! Sohu and a very personal baseball coat concerningof fruit home girl should know, we often take this handsome baseball to highlight personal style jacket, collocation is nowadays very popular among girls welcome items not only can wear handsome neutral feel, also can mix a lovely charm this feminine design is relatively simple, collar design, handsome handsome collar and cuffs are thread stitching and black and red color decoration in homemade Korean fan new skirt always highlight the small woman elegant popular single product used to wear the blended tail stitching design of conventional small girls break the normal procedure fishtail skirt for a change the style may also good irregular rigid good texture soft and delicate texture clear material collocation fine stripes really beautiful! High waist design fried chicken legs look long elongated Figure 2 color white classic all-match coffee special temperament are very nice very good this is love a fake two vest color is very good-looking, very relaxed feeling oh summer large cuff design, there are a small vest style there are two pieces of fake in a bra, not afraid of light color collocation is very beautiful, each color is very good! False two can not remove the Oh, styles look simple, but very hard work thinking edge holes design, body type version quite significant compared all-match thin, very loose a large piece of code T, a basketball clothing style design taste ~ super temperament pleat skirt small waist at the same time, pull high waist super explicit bag hip skirt version long legs slim, very significant figure, very thin edge fringed hem, which highlights the elegance of a little bit of retro fan, side vent in the upper part of the body, with a sexy and graceful personality, losing the sense of fashion, the United States and the United States all-match Da, the length of the knitted coat T-shirt or shirt what can easily manage midiskirt is only for the money and the suspender skirt skirt collocation super temperament, but also with other single product Good simple T-shirt collocation, collar edge is carefully lace machine design, cute version of explosion of self-cultivation, but because it is knitted, elastic, Kazakhstan horn didn’t pick people wear short sleeves, cuffs are designed falbala stitching, super playful little girl breath body super figure the key is, especially good collocation round neck design institute wind sweater childlike simplicity, super personality temperament pattern more clothes over confident and generous, very cute cartoon pattern, there are trees, grass, clouds and blue sky and adorable adorable Da lamb pattern, there is no feeling back in a relaxed version of the type happy childhood no worries of the times, do not pick people wear, but add a straightforward summer leisure sports T-shirt cute atmosphere wind body full with fan, very comfortable Suitable Oh stripe mosaic V collar design, more fit movement letter design wind chest, more stylish and increase stitching design highlights of false two to take the clothes, looks like a solid colored T-shirt, full of sense of design stitching, white sleeves are more casual, more a little more with a long paragraph the feel edition, petite.相关的主题文章:

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