India taxi service Ola intends to finance $600 million Sike Uber-dnf商人吧

India taxi service Ola intends to finance $600 million Sina Sike Uber technology news Beijing time on November 1st evening news, today the foreign media quoted informed sources said, India’s largest taxi application Ola plans to raise $600 million, is currently in negotiations, may complete the transaction before the end of the year. Informed sources said that the financing will come from new investors and the investors. Ola has 6 years of operating history, the financing will allow the company to have sufficient funds in at least 18. The source also said that the current negotiations are still in progress, the specific size of the financing and the date of the agreement may change. In addition, the current investors Softbank will participate in this round of financing, and may even lead investor. Ola this financing is expected to hit a record high this year, India’s financing, and will further exacerbate the competition between Ola and Uber. Ola is ANI Technologies’s business, the last round of financing for the company’s valuation of $5 billion. The Uber is one of the world’s most attractive technology start-ups, the valuation of up to $69 billion. In addition to Softbank, Ola also won the tiger Global Fund (Tiger Global Management) investment. The industry is expected, Ola will use the money to recruit more drivers, and help them lease vehicles. In addition, the funds also help Ola market expansion. After the sale of Chinese business, Uber has begun to increase investment in India. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章:

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