Beijing, the minister went to the construction of the Inner Mongolia stock market and other measures-1926年属相�

Minister of housing in Inner Mongolia inspection to inventory Beijing brewing stable market means the Minister of housing in Inner Mongolia and the city facilities strategy to inventory in Li Le despite Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing City, have been due to the rapid warming of the real estate market and the introduction of heat stable building policy, local version but this does not mean that the property market. Inventory policy caliber has been "austerity" to replace, to the central and western regions, is still the key to the inventory policy. Recently, the Ministry of housing and urban development (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry of housing) minister Chen Zhenggao duchazu rate in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to carry out supervision, the progress of the work of the real estate market" inventory "and the implementation of the shantytowns and housing security, etc., are in the list of key inspection. Prior to this, the Ministry of housing has sent a number of research teams, housing security, shantytowns and other research work. And in accordance with the objectives proposed by the inspectors group, the proportion of shantytowns monetary resettlement will be further improved, in order to achieve a higher inventory of the city as soon as possible to the real estate inventory. "We have large-scale inspection inspectors group led by Minister Chen Zhenggao, groups of inspectors have arrived, have to carry out the work, we are in the breakdown of docking work." In September 20th, a the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region local officials to "Chinese business daily" reporters, inspector Chen Zhenggao led the group has arrived in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for inspection. Although Chen Zhenggao is the Minister of housing and construction, but led by the inspector level for the state council. August 26, 2016, the State Council issued a document No. 4, the deployment of the State Council on the implementation of the third major inspection work. According to the work arrangement, the main person in charge of the central ministries and commissions as the head of the group, composed of inspectors, the focus of the work of various regions and departments. Reporters learned that the local inspection work is expected to start on September 18th ~30, the total length of 12 days. In October 10th, the Inspectorate inspection will summarize the situation, and submitted to the state council. Based on these reports reflect the situation, the general office of the State Council will make timely feedback. The aforementioned grassroots officials told reporters that the inspection work in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, will be carried out through three stages. The first stage is the self-examination stage; the second stage is the field inspection stage, on the basis of self-examination, the State Council sent the inspection team to the various regions and relevant departments to conduct on-site supervision. In the work, inspection teams will take seminars, visits and other forms, to listen to the local NPC deputies and CPPCC National Committee members and responsible people, grassroots cadres opinions and suggestions, for verification of the audit, special inspection found clues to the problem rectification masses and related problems. At the same time, the inspection will also strengthen accountability incentives. Improve the incentive and accountability mechanisms, improve the reasonable fault tolerance error correction mechanism. Supervision, to sum up the promotion of good experience and practice, found that the advanced model. Real hard work, the effectiveness of the obvious place to increase incentives to support the implementation of the serious accountability. "We got the notice spirit, the pursuit of responsibility, will be copied to the central organization department." The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region officials said. On相关的主题文章:

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