The woman was her husband left in the service area on the highway by a few kilometers (video)-mine_清翼

The woman was her husband left in the service area a few kilometers high way Kuangzhui delta law enforcement officers found the driver was forgotten his wife in the emergency vehicle. Long distance truck drivers generally have two people together, in the process of driving a long time can take care of each other, but also contribute to driving safety. Today (24), law enforcement officers found a long-distance truck driver actually his wife’s daughter in the service area. 24 2 a.m., export traffic administrative law enforcement brigade three third law enforcement officers to patrol Qianjiang service area, found a woman ran in the emergency lane, then stopped the woman, and lead to the fence outside the safety zone. After inquiry, the woman was chasing her husband driving the truck, she and her husband had a good rest in the service area, ready to go, she get off the toilet, who knows a car is not here, but also did not take the phone. The woman said that he was very anxious, to borrow the phone to contact her husband, but the car has opened several kilometers and not coming back, just want to run up did not think the police for help, so it appears the flying in the night scene. Law enforcement officers immediately called her patrol car, go ahead on open a few minutes after the discovery of a truck parked in the open double flash highway emergency safe harbor. After verification, the woman is really waiting here. Afterwards, the law enforcement officers was severely criticized for the driver, the driver also feel wronged, said he thought his wife woke up, sleeping in the back, do not want to disturb her, she did not know what time to get out of the car, so it leads to misunderstanding, that the future will note, will not appear this kind of circumstance. Law enforcement officials said the owner received a loss of small animals, when the situation has occurred, the people on the highway is really rare, not to mention his wife. Law enforcement officers to remind the hope that the majority of drivers on the highway to pay attention to safe driving, in the long-distance driving process to master the rest time, improve their safety awareness, to ensure their safe travel. For further reading, not careless with the couple on busy children to "forget" in the service area相关的主题文章:

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