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Yueyang sent 71 students to hospital CDC emergency investigation original title: Pingjiang city middle school students on October 23rd, Pingjiang county has more than 70 students were rushed to the hospital, these students also appeared high fever, diarrhea, vomiting. How can so many students get sick at the same time? A few days morning, reporters rushed to the first people’s Hospital of Pingjiang investigation. Ms. Chen, a sick student’s parents, said Friday that when he came back from a holiday, he felt a little pain in his stomach, diarrhea, and his head was a little dizzy. Two feet have no strength, can not lift up. When reporters rushed to the hospital, Ms. Chen’s daughter is still in a state of high temperature up to 40 degrees, has been in a trance. But at the hospital gate, after another with a school students admitted to hospital. Reporters rushed to the first people’s Hospital of Pingjiang county two inpatient department, found a total of 10 children in a ward of the second floor, and these children are from the city of Zhang secondary school in. All the children have a high fever, and diarrhea symptoms, lying on the bed of the children are very weak. More and more children into the hospital, parents are increasingly worried about. Because the children’s condition as well as the onset of the same time, I do not know whether there are more students infected. A student parents told reporters that last night, the child said a little pain in the stomach, when he got up at 7 this morning to start a high fever. A sick student said that some students began to appear yesterday morning, basically a headache, fever, stomach pain, diarrhea, etc.. There are parents reflect, now not only one or two children sick, here’s the one or two, the five or six floor, the people’s Hospital and the hospital has a hospital of students in the four. One of the most serious illness is a second year student, from the beginning of 40.5 to 9 points last night fever, night after hospitalization, the doctor used a variety of anti fever drugs, but the child’s temperature has been out of control. Now parents are most worried about is that so many children hospitalized, they do not know how the children are. After the incident, Zhang middle school immediately closed places, from the beginning of last night school staff all came to the hospital to help parents to take care of the children. After the preliminary statistics of parents and schools, the students are mainly concentrated in the six grade and the first day of the second grade students. These students have a common feature. The principal introduced, sick students who have been in the school cafeteria to eat, but the whole school students in the cafeteria to eat, but the primary school students have no symptoms. Have students reflect the health situation of the school cafeteria has not been very good, there are flies spider food, recently smelly chicken. Today at 1 o’clock, the first people’s Hospital of Pingjiang County, obtained the latest test results, the doctor preliminary diagnosis of these students because of bacterial infection of acute gastroenteritis, what is the specific route of infection is not clear, food and water are possible, including contact infection. After the time, Pingjiang County CDC also the first time an emergency investigation. The school of food so sealed and inspected, and arrange the first people’s Hospital of Pingjiang County, and four students to the hospital. At present, a total of 71 students admitted to the hospital, the children no danger. Disease control in Pingjiang county.相关的主题文章:

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