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Autumn snakes frequent   workers dug up 32 pounds in Python – Fujian Channel – original title: Autumn snakes frequent workers hole dug up 32 pounds constrictor excavator push, a snake hanging on the machine; moving furniture, a snake came out…… These days, one after another the forestry staff received a report to the police about snakes. Forestry staff to remind, although already autumn, but the snakes still dispatched frequently, because they are doing to prepare for hibernation foraging. At 3 yesterday afternoon, on the road around the island a residential building on the ground, 3 excavators are working. Suddenly, the foreman Mr. Wang saw the excavator shovel hangs a flower shaped tail. Mr. Wang was shocked, hurriedly stop. The excavator stopped, Mr. Wang recognized it as a python. Worry about boa injured, he put on the flower cylinder in python. Forestry personnel to check and found that the snake is 32 pounds, the tail slightly injured, after the rescue, have been released yesterday. At 1 yesterday afternoon, the forestry staff received a report from the police for help two. One of them is in Wuyuan Bay near the second-hand flea market, workers in moving furniture, a two or three pound snake ran out. Nearby, also some people report that saw a snake in the fight and two cats. The snake lost cat claws, went away. Many people believe that the recent cold weather, snakes are about to hibernate, they should go out is less. In fact, the fall is the season of snakes frequent activities. Forestry personnel, the recent frequent cold air to Xiamen, ready to enter the dormancy of snakes. Now the temperature is not too cold, snakes will often go out foraging, preparing to hibernate. If people do not panic to see the snake, as soon as possible to the police. (reporter Peng Yijun) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章:

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