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Debate! Harano Shinnosuke is her sister master? The two dimension is always right and wrong so much, but the so-called Those closely involved cannot see clearly. A bystander is always clear-minded! As a spectator, we have a general view of God, perhaps more clearly see through the essence of the problem. But as the saying goes, one thousand people have Hamlett, each person for the same problem will not be the same as the views of the one thousand. What do you think is right or wrong? Do you support Affirmative or the other? Please pay attention to the Tencent animation channel 0 points in the evening to update the column – the debate in the two dimension! "Jibixiaoxin" is always our childhood memories, the new protagonist also accompany us through the mud and lift the skirts of green years. But think about it, the crayon is definitely a wonderful actor, because he did most of us probably never do. The high popularity of "crayon" was also let a lot of people fell in love with some of the colored children, even if the original author of accidental death, but in our efforts, we can still see a new and interesting daily. In July 16, 2010, Yoshito Usui’s posthumous "crayon" fiftieth hair published by all reprint of Yoshito Usui’s creation issue is completed, the Ministry issued the cumulative sales of 53 million. Follow up works by "Yoshito Usui & UY studio" follow the original style continue to create. Harano Shinnosuke is a child of color. However, the new one isn’t exactly her sister master? Today we have an argument with the facts, some obviously to see in the end is not a small new sister Liao master! [Affirmative view: Harano Shinnosuke is an absolute master Ah Mei liao! ] [] one of the arguments: small mouth and sweet as sweet, meet the love of beauty immediately turned sweet mouth boy! We need to understand that Harano Shinnosuke is indeed a very beautiful love boy. And because of the beautiful child mother to see a lot of soap operas, so accustomed to what is often said by surprise some pretty girls love it. As is known to all, girls prefer to talk to boys. Who can not love to hear a thousand times "drink plenty of hot water and" dry "good morning", "good night". Whether or not to speak is also an important factor to judge whether a person is good at communication. Is this small new thick skinned and expressive character, said he would not hold up is simply not realistic. Moreover, in the "crayon" in the new version of TV, by virtue of their language skills and soap opera on but a lot of woman ah liao. He let the woman shouted "good lovely child", and then give yourself love hug, or love the knee pillow, and of course love kiss. [two] argument: don’t let any of a beautiful woman, there’s a thick skin, has a good net nature. Love to see "jibixiaoxin" boys and girls would have found a point, that is as long as it is a beauty from the side walk, then bound with a small forward, you may have been common lines will back down, such as the "big sister, you love to eat green peppers?" "Hi! Beauty, you can take a ride with me相关的主题文章:

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