Driving grazing disputes 69 year old woman was beaten died (video)-helmet怎么读

Driving grazing disputes 69 year old woman was beaten died the morning of September 27th, Putuo District Wan Town Road Jintang road occurred because the rider rub caused disputes, unexpectedly, the two sides clashed, riding women beaten after brain injury, eventually died. The site is located in Wan Zhen Lu Jintang Road intersection, witnesses: the incident on the road traffic is not too much, unexpectedly, someone saw a man suddenly on a bike, women push pedal, even to the head in the foot the woman fell to the ground after. A young man witnessed the situation at that time, he said, was heard on the "ah ah ah called" to look at the other side, it is not clear that the young man playing the aunt or aunt called. Witness: "did not start playing, a young man called, so I called to see that no one see an aunt, riding a bicycle to go there, do not know what that means, probably will not see neuropathy, and the young man went to the run, run fast, I a watch may provoke the aunt, the aunt behind did not know the young man to catch up, so the normal cycling, then the guy came up a punch, aunt fell, and later to the bicycle stamp kick, bicycle stomp tumbled down, Boy Stomp the aunt feet." There are people crossing seeing this, quickly stepped forward to stop the man of violence, and the man left beating women. Witnesses rushed quickly call alarm call. 110, 120 after receiving the report, rushed to the scene disposal. The witness said: "the two just side guy, I didn’t know this guy, he did not know the young man, then quarrel with him, what you do, I fell you got old, but also with feet, ran over two of them speak loud, two. Then this will come swaggeringly go crazy." The reporter learned from the hospital at the age of 69, after the incident, Shanghai fell injured Aunt Wang was admitted to the hospital, into the hospital Wang unstable vital signs, quickly into the operation room surgery, but postoperative deterioration in last night 20 points before and after the unfortunate death. And the 27 year old man who was hit by fierce Shanghai Lu has been controlled by the police, at present, the case is still under investigation. "" "universal creation Festival billion investment cicada looking to change the knowledge to open the way you" "" recommended today: the property right certificate issued by "stop the real property right certificate" 180 yuan monthly 20 numbers can be specified for 30 days "call you die" and "Metro lady-killer" bare nakedness harass female passengers by the police Shanghai residents reported a captured light pollution after the hotel was poured swill water when daddy kept something new into the classroom "" "monkey off the Shanghai acrobatic troupe: lane only for a perfect" one minute "suspected traffic dispute two women in the street or even the police can not stop! (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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