How to carry out the autumn moisturizing 3 small coup to help you give the skin replenishment-月丘うさぎ

How to carry out the autumn moisturizing 3 small coup to help you give the skin moisturizing dry autumn weather, most of my friends are easy to peel the skin, this time on the need to fill the skin replenishment, so how to moisturize the skin in autumn? Below to understand the next bar. There are 5 errors in the fall of the wet misunderstanding of 1, oily skin does not need to pay some people think that oily skin itself is more moist, do not need to pay. This view is wrong, because oily skin also need to pay. Oily skin is only a relatively small amount of oil secretion of the skin, does not mean that the skin moisture content is high. Oily skin and lack of water, often will not stop the secretion of oil to lock the water, if the oil secretion is too strong, the loss of water is also quite serious, but also need to pay. Error 2, excessive use of moisturizing spray moisturizing spray is able to temporarily supplement the skin of the lack of water, but if excessive use, but it may be counterproductive, replenishment is not anti water. Experts pointed out that the spray water and the skin exchange process is only a short time, will soon be volatile, while the skin surface moisture evaporation, will take away the moisture inside the skin, so that the skin is more dry. In addition, some of the spray has not been absorbed by the skin material, will be volatile in the water, continue to stay on the surface of the skin, easy to breed bacteria, forming a small inflammation of the hair follicle. So, in the use of moisturizing spray, must do the cleansing, and then spray to the face, the skin contact with water and after about a minute, with cotton towel paper or cotton to gently suck, and then use the moisturizing products deposited in the skin, so that moisture can be firmly locked. Error 3, only in the evening to do a lot of work to do a replenishment of water in the evening to do the work, it is the best replenishment time is in the early morning. 12 in the evening to the point of time in the morning of 2, is the most powerful skin metabolism, but not the best time to pay. Because people in sleep, usually the skin will evaporate about 200 ml of water, in the morning to get up when the skin is in a state of physical water shortage, at this time to do replenishment work is the best. Therefore, the early morning replenishment is also very important oh! Error 4, hard drinking will not dry skin scientific proof suddenly drink a lot of water to relieve dry skin very little, because although the moisture to the skin cell transmission, but is usually not the arrival time of skin metabolism away. And a lot of water will take away a lot of useful electrolytes and minerals in the body, and these are important elements of water in the skin. Tip: drinking 1800 ml of water is sufficient to provide the skin’s daily water demand. Cold water boiling water has a better replenishment effect, but also to help the loss of moisture has been maintained at the best level. In the bath or shower, a cup of cold boiling water, to prevent the rapid evaporation of moisture skin off. Error 5, moisturizing products painted the more thick, the better moisturizing product ingredients, if it is a gel or jelly type moisturizers containing high water, even rubbed thicker, water or because of dry climate and evaporated. Into the autumn and winter, whether it is dry skin or oily skin, it is best to use some of the higher quality of oil content of some of the insurance.相关的主题文章:

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