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Old 10+4+3 Maurice 28 points in 3 straight CBA Beijing Beikong home court Highlights – old 10+4+3 Maurice 28 Beijing Beikong 113-96 Beijing time on the night of November 16th, the 16-17 season CBA League continue to the seventh round of the competition. In the home court in Wukesong, Beijing Shougang Basketball after four bouts with a 113-95 victory over the Beijing rural commercial bank, men’s basketball team, won 3 straight home court. The four section of the specific score of 22-15, 30-24, 34-32 and 27-24 (Beijing team in the first). The Beijing team a total of 6 players in double figures, Maurice scored a team high 28 points and grabbed 6 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 assists, 18 points and 4 rebounds Di Xiaochuan 3 assists and 1 steals account, Zhu Yanxi dropped into 3 record three points with 13 points and 4 rebounds, faxus scored 12 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 1 steals Marbury scored 10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steals, Yue Sun 10 points and 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 1 steals and 1 blocks. Beikong team, Mike Klum scored a team high 32 points and grabbed 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steals, Batista 30 points and 24 rebounds, Wang Zhenyu scored 11 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. The whole game, the Beijing team assists over 23 than 7 after blasting Beikong team. The first section opened in 3 minutes, the Beijing team scored 6 points playing stop Beikong team. Zhang Songtao was injured bleeding profusely, substituted Beikong team 5-7 to narrow the points difference. Maurice scored 4 points, followed by Mike Klum layup, the Beijing team leading 17-13. In Yang Jingmin jumper, faxus left into three vacancies. Before the end of the first quarter, Zhai Xiaochuan layup. The first section of Harding Park, the Beijing team to lead 22-15 team beikong. Once a day, a 2 penalty 1 ball break layup, the team played in Beijing 7-2 wave of attacks leading 12 points playing stop Beikong team. Zhu Yanxi scored 2 record three points, then the horse layup, 18 points behind Beikong team timeout. Mike Klum made fouled, Beikong team is also 15-7 wave of attacks will narrow the difference to 10 points. The last 1 minutes of the second quarter, Duan Jiangpeng scored a total of 5 points. The end of the first half, the Beijing team to lead 52-39 team beikong. After the start of the third quarter, the horse dropped into three points, then Beikong team played 9 points behind the 10-3 attack wave. Zhu Yanxi hit three points, Beijing team 61-49 lead. Yue Sun fast break layup, layup Zhai Xiaochuan stopped playing Beikong team. Mike Klum in 2 after the penalty in the whole, Zhai Xiaochuan even scored 5 points. Zhang Qingpeng made a layup and foul, then Zhai Xiaochuan cut dunks with both hands. Three zhanba, Beijing team to lead 86-71 team beikong. Distal start, Maurice finished 2+1 attack, then Yue Sun hit three points, the Beijing team leading 20 points. Liu Dapeng scored three points, followed by Zhai Xiaochuan’s basket. Zhang Qingpeng, Maurice after the ball hands dunk. Beijing team counterattack, Zhai Xiaochuan hands buckle. The last 5 minutes of the match, Beikong team 23 points behind the powerless. Finally, the Beijing team in the home court Beikong team. Beijing Shougang men’s basketball starting: 9- Yue Sun, 35- Zhang Songtao, 3- -, Zhu Yanxi, 13-, 20)相关的主题文章:

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