ICBC credit card huge benefits play • America and Australia, CITS travel fare preferential

ICBC credit card "huge benefits play" in American Australia travel fare preferential, consumer credit card gift Sina > > > promotions; the ICBC credit card "huge benefits play" – American country Australia travel fare preferential consumption, gift     08 2016 30 August   10:32& nbsp;   Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; activity time: September 30, 2016 Venue: Beijing, a time from now until September 30, 2016 two,   activity card ICBC express branded credit card (limited to the Beijing region issued)   three, 1 outbound tour activities in special activities during the holding activity card to China International Travel Service Corp in Beijing each store to buy America and Australia designated outbound routes, you can enjoy in the retail price on the basis of reduced offers. During the 2 card consumption abroad preferential use of travel, ICBC credit card consumption abroad, over 1.5 million can receive Guess passport holder, the full 3 Wangke receive Samsonite captain Z32*09006 box! Each quarter announced the last quarter to receive a list and notify the customer to receive prizes, a limited number of first come first served. During the period of the 3 new card customers to send dragon global airport lounge reception activities, the new office of ICBC Express brand credit card (limited to the Beijing area, and overseas consumption card issuance) 1 pen, you can receive a free "global airport VIP room use right once, covering more than 800 global machine field VIP room.   four, no card customers recommend for 1 air express   every 15 dollars? A total of 1 points of consumption of Air China mileage, high rate of return card to send 300 air miles? New? The annual consumption of 5 year free pen fee? Free traffic accident insurance, travel inconvenience insurance   scan code input; "air express" can handle, or to the Beijing ICBC outlets fill out the application form for   2 business elite card annual fee for life?? enjoy the designated domestic airport VIP service (each year limit free use of 2)? Free traffic accident insurance, travel accident insurance, please go to the Beijing ICBC outlets for products, encoding 46000280   five, the route area line name departure date minus the amount of the price per American beauty through American things The coast of Hawaii falls NINETOWNS 15 days at their own expense $120 package of Universal Studios Samsung Air China 2016-9-10 2016-9-26 2350023800 + 4 [original] call Alaska 12 days tour < earth [BBC journey] > 2016-9-6 quest; [Seattle] perfect product + Yellowstone National Park 12 days [2016-9-8] the United States Canada overview Canada East Coast 15 days maple leaf:相关的主题文章:

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