Jinhua Expressway in Jindong during the start of the year to shorten the drive to Ling’an-utc行家

Lin Jin Expressway in Jindong started during the Jinhua to Ling’an by car to shorten the pro gold (Jiande to Jinhua Expressway) is a national "12th Five-Year" during the key construction projects, is Changchun Shenzhen Expressway (G25) of a section of the. Recently, the author learned from the Jinhua City, the Eastern District Department of transportation, the Jindong section of the high-speed gold will start during the year, plans to be completed in 2020, it has become the Eastern Jin fourth transit highway. The gold high speed through the territory of Jindong, 9.4 kilometers from Ling’an to Jinhua expressway is pro gold highway, is "the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area highway network planning" ten vertical and seven horizontal "layout of the road network in the" vertical "- Ning Jin Expressway (Nanjing to Xuancheng to Jinhua) is a section of highway, highway and waterway transportation of Zhejiang province" construction plan (2003 – 2020) "" two vertical and two horizontal, eighteen, three, even three channels around the "highway framework plan" for". According to Jindong District traffic bureau responsible person, to the pro gold high-speed north-south, located at the junction of the starting point of Zhejiang and Anhui qianqiuguan, north of the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area highway network planning in Anhui Province Ningjin high-speed Xuancheng section, Ling’an, Tonglu, and south through Jiande and Jinhua, Lanxi, Jindong and other five counties (cities, districts), end point the intersection in the Shanghai Kunming high-speed (Quzhou) Erxian Qiaodong, through the composite communication hub, jinjiwen expressway. Lin Jin expressway is divided into three sections, the construction of the Jiande to Jinhua section, this section is the national highway network planning long deep high speed (G25) component, a total length of 57.5 km, a total investment of 10 billion 380 million yuan, the construction period is 4 years, plans to open to traffic in 2020. It is understood that the section of the Jinhua section from Lanxi City Ma Jian Zhen Daqing Jian Cun, through the tunnel into the territory of Jinhua, passing through Huashan, Ma Jian Zhen, Jindong to Cao Zhai Zhen, to exchange with the composite end point Xianqiao Jinliwen Expressway with full length of 29.3 kilometers, of which 9.4 km Jindong segment, roadbed width of 26 meters, the design speed of 100 kilometers per hour, four lane two-way investment of about 5 billion 790 million yuan. Lanxi set up two, 1 exchange service area, the Jindong section of the original plan set hub (Xianqiao composite Interchange) 1. The northwest side of Cao Zhai Zhen a interchange road is the city development is to support the expansion of the city artery, skeleton. "12th Five-Year" during Jindong vigorously promote road network construction, as of now, a total of Jindong Quzhou, Ningbo high-speed Jinliwen high-speed, three highway transit. Considering the further development of the cultivation of Cao Zhai, Tang Ya two town industry and Jindong District overall tourism economy, the district government efforts, the pro gold highway in new Zhai Zhen Cao interchange. It is reported that the Cao house exchange is located in the northwest side of Cao Zhai Zhen, consider the use of a single horn form, the ramp design speed of 40 kilometers per hour. The gold from Ling’an to Jinhua high-speed, North Zhejiang, Western Zhejiang, Anhui, Hangxinjing connected Hangzhou and Hangzhou Jinhua Quzhou, Jinhua Lishui Wenzhou 4 high-speed, is the Zhejiang Anhui Provincial highway. Although the Jindong range less than 10 kilometers in length, but its role should not be underestimated. I understand that, before people from Jinhua to Ling’an, usually go Hangjinqu, so the high-speed flow, the new tunnel which is the "star block.相关的主题文章:

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