And the boss is not good after the girl 5 years for 5 work-helmet怎么读

The psychological problems and the boss is not good after the girl 5 years for the 5 working staff will affect the development of the enterprise and individual performance. On the 23 day, by the Shenyang Municipal Federation of social science circles in Shenyang city to help employees association jointly organized the implementation of employee assistance program, "forum of harmonious development of power enterprises held. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter learned that, by 2016, Shenyang has at least more than 20 enterprises (state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises are formulated the "employee assistance program)". 90 girls 5 years for the work of the 5 reporter learned at the forum site, the new generation of employees into the workplace after the high turnover rate of corporate executives make a headache. 90 girls, 5 years, a year for the first time, every time are left to make the manager conjecture: is not that small high salary is not high and the labor intensity is too large? In fact, let the enterprise did not expect is that the small high turnover is the real reason can not get along with the boss. "On the lower tension is the main reason for 90 employee turnover, this is psychological." China’s famous EAP expert Gao Wei said, "after 90 workplace strong personality, can not stand the strict enterprise management mode, and once the boss agree not get the boss’s approval and respect, it is easy to leave." Gao Wei suggested that the 90 employees try to merge into the enterprise, understand their actual ability; enterprise should give 90 flexibility and tolerant attitude, to simmer slowly. After the 70 civil servants that work without passion. Do not want to go to work, work tired, can not find the significance of the work, 38 year old Lee felt in occupation burnout. Mr. Li is a civil servant, is promoted, has been 5 years, jobs and income are good. But he is not that working passion, there is a deep sense of emptiness. Mr. Li to EAP counselors talk: "I want a challenging job, but his wife, friends are against me to do that." Shenyang City Employee Assistance Association Secretary General Wang Qiuyan said in an interview: "the work is divided into physical and emotional cognitive input, input input. Only three inputs are in place, the performance was high. Mr. Li is the emotional investment caused by insufficient occupation burnout. Civil servants and employees of state enterprises, prone to occupation burnout, often feel there is no room to rise, their disproportionate pay and rewards. Want to leave the system, does not have the courage and ability, not to leave work and no sense of meaning." Wang Qiuyan suggested: "the system of group time off, can cultivate the secondary occupation, from the interest of maintaining vitality and creativity." The reporter learned that the introduction of employee assistance program, a number of enterprises, aiming at the problem of employee turnover, occupation burnout, from the beginning of 2008, the number of enterprises in Shenyang to "please as counselors for employee welfare relief", from the beginning of 2012 this massive increase in demand. Wang Qiuyan said: "in 2016, Shenyang has at least more than 20 enterprises (state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises are) has formulated the" employee assistance program for employees. Employee assistance program to help according to different enterprise culture and employee services tailored to the needs, which can include employee psychological health education, psychological measurement, assessment, telephone consultation, expert interview"

和上司处不好 90后女孩5年换5个工作员工的心理问题会影响企业的绩效和个人的发展。23日,由沈阳市社会科学界联合会、沈阳市员工帮助协会联合举办的“实施员工帮助计划,助力企业和谐发展”高峰论坛召开。沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者了解到,到2016年,沈阳至少有20多家企事业单位(国企、外企居多)制定了“员工帮助计划”。90后女孩5年换5个工作记者在论坛现场了解到,新生代员工进入职场后的高离职率问题让企业高管很头疼。90后女孩小高,工作5年,一年换一次工作,每次离职都让企业管理层猜想:小高是不是觉得薪水不高或劳动强度过大?其实,让企业没想到的是,小高离职的真正原因是与顶头上司无法相处。“上下级关系紧张是90后员工离职的主要原因,这是心理层面的。”我国著名EAP专家高伟说,“90后在职场中个性强,受不了企业比较严格的管理方式,一旦与上司意见不同,没有得到上司的认可和尊重,很容易离职。”高伟建议,90后员工要尝试去融合进企业,认清自己的实际能力;企业方则要给予90后弹性的空间、宽容的态度,要慢火熬,慢慢来。70后公务员觉得工作没激情不想上班、干活就烦、找不到工作的意义,今年38岁的李先生觉得自己陷入了职业倦怠中。李先生是公务员,晋升正科已经5年了,工作和收入都不错。但是他就是觉得工作没激情,有很深的空虚感。李先生向EAP心理咨询师倾诉:“我想换个有挑战性的工作,可是朋友、妻子都反对我那样做。”沈阳市员工帮助协会秘书长王秋艳在接受采访时表示:“工作分为身体投入、认知投入和情绪投入。只有三个投入都到位了,工作的绩效才高。李先生属于情绪投入不够导致的职业倦怠。国企员工、公务员等容易产生职业倦怠,往往是觉得自己没有上升空间,自己的付出和回报不成比例。想离开体制,没有勇气和能力,不离开又没有工作的意义感。”王秋艳建议:“体制内群体时间宽裕,可以培养第二职业,从兴趣爱好入手,保持生命力和创造力。”多家企业引进员工帮助计划记者了解到,针对企业员工的离职问题、职业倦怠问题,从2008年开始,沈阳的一些企业把“请心理咨询师为员工减压”当作福利,从2012年开始这种需求大规模增加。王秋艳说:“2016年,沈阳至少有20多家企事业单位(国企、外企居多)为员工制定了‘员工帮助计划’。员工帮助计划根据不同企业文化和员工需求量身定制服务帮助,其中可以包括员工心理健康教育、心理健康测量、评估、电话咨询、专家面询等方面。同时,根据服务项目和培训人数不同,分为半年、一年、五年定期进行“帮助”。”相关的主题文章:

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