Kindle Dx Huge Ipod!!-步步高i606

By L. Wright This is my first experience with a Kindle DX , in fact with any e-reader. So far I like it. When I opened the box my nephew looked at seven years and said, "Wow a huge iPod!" And you know is right, this is a huge iPod for books. I wanted a Kindle 2 but waited to buy the Kindle DX , because I thought the larger screen size, capabilities and automatic rotation and PDF ….. I do. But I must admit I was a little intimidated by the size. Do not fit in a large bag, but I’m sure going to take me on a regular basis. The screen is impressive. As some of the other buyers, I thought the greeting was a sticker! Well done Amazon! The only one with this is that I have to pay $ 49.99 for a case worthy. For the price of the units and all the books all downloaded at the end they really need to include the leather case. I ended up buying the leather (I like) and an extra bag to put everything in $ 489 is a great investment and I want to protect double this bad boy! Love my Kindle DX but By paddywannabe Big eyes, instant gratification for something to read, efficiently designed, .fortable to wear, but I’m down I spent $ 500 in the last 60 days and a new one is out for a lot "of money is still lower and model better: (I know this is the same as with technology, but would have been nice to have some news about the new model, I would have expected. could be a good policy to keep at least long-term profitability customers know (unless a reasonable period, say one or two months) when there is a new model next year. I have spent thousands in recent years with Amazon and as I said, now is not enough, are a bit "disappointed by them in this topic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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