Amazing Tips On How To Change The Background Of A Photo Efficiently-小坂めぐる

Advertising If you feel interested to make digital art from pictures then you take your camera. You may face lots of problems with changing the background for a desired subject. The difficulty crop up when the edges of the main subject remain jagged, finely convoluted or furry. Some tips on how to change the background of a photo, are being explained below: if you magic mask a white sky for replace it with a blue sky, then the usual method is to select a light blue and a dark blue color and making use of the graduating tool, replace the white sky with the blue colors. This works with smooth edges but when a tree with leaves makes the edge, the blue may not come all the way up to the leaves, thereby leaving a white line around each and every leaf. Another quick method for filling these lines is to make the area large to four or five hundred percent and magic masking the white areas. Then you need to fill the white areas immediately with the appropriate blue sky color. Any missed white sky areas can be filled in by selecting a brush and then limiting the effect to darkening only. Brush color can be ink dropped from an adjacent area. If this fails to work, then change the limiter for lightening only. This way, the leaves are left untouched and any white areas are filled in. This method works with fur, hair and any difficult edge. This method works well while creating clouds in a cloudless sky. The finished clouds can be worked with the smear brush set at a low percentage. The same methods are usable for transferring a subject made into an object by drawing a mask around the subject, thereby creating an object and then dragging the object to the correct position in your new picture. The making use of the clone brush set for lightening or darkening, you need to extend the areas next to the subject so that the edges become invisible and clean. Naturally, you must work at 200% cent enlarged for doing a good job. A 50% transparency makes it simpler and easier. While cloning, you should always stroke in the direction of the line to be extended. Hence, these were some amazing tips for changing the background of a photo in an efficient manner. Go through this article with undivided attention so that you are able to make a wonderful background of a photo. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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